Starry, Starry Night…

Z moon 1st qtr copyZ constellation aquarius copyz saints feats day standard sn copyOn 19 November 2015 the moon moves into its first quarter phase, and it can be seen in the constellation of Aquarius.

It’s also the feastday of St Ermernburga of Thanet (in Kent, England). She was born about 640 AD, and was a Kentish princess, her father being Ermenred (the brother of King Erconbert of Kent). When Ermenburga’s children were murdered, she was granted a ‘wergild’ (a form of monetary compensation), and used that money to buy land and form a convent, of which she became Abbess (about 670 AD). Her exact death, feastday, is unknown but is thought to be on this day around 700 AD.

Litany For The Day:

Tonight the moon kisses the stars. O Beloved, be like that to me! [Rumi]

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