Abducted By Aliens: An Exercise

pixabay 111 ufo-782655_1920 copyLiminality is about the ‘gap’ or threshold between Here and the Other, and much of the work Tadhg undertakes encompasses this. Using guided, imaginal sessions and events, he encourages clients to step into that ‘gap’, and benefit from that liminal power and potential. You can benefit, too.

So, sit back, relax, enjoy, read and imagine…

— o0o —

Here’s one exercise, from many, that Tadhg uses with clients. This one is about you blessing other people and being blessed in the process. You can it try right now. Imagine:

Last night as you drove home, on one of those lonely roads where the bright lights of alien spacecraft often shine down – well, they do in the good movies – a bright light shone down from just such an alien craft.

pixabay 111 man-320276_1280 copy

Friendly aliens…

Fortunately, they were friendly and had your best interest at heart, and so beamed you aboard their craft. Yes, you could say you were ‘abducted’ by aliens. Once in their spacecraft, they explained what they would like to do, and as you agreed, they invited you to lie down on a bed. They then performed a painless and beneficial surgical procedure on the crown of your head.

Some minutes later, as you sat up at the end of the bed, and looked in the mirror that one aliens was holding in front of you, you noticed on the top of your head a ball of spinning white light.

They said that only you (and they) could see this. But, it was so bright, and spinning for fast, and was the size of a golf ball levitating about an inch above your head, you wondered how on earth (pun intended) anyone could miss it.
They explained that where they came from there is an unlimited power to do good, and some of that power was being ‘siphoned’ off and would appear as a ball of white light above your head. They called it a ‘power-blessing’, and said this was quite a natural occurrence on their planet.

They gave you instructions about what is was, how to use it, and how it renews itself after use.

They continued: When you want to bless someone, near or far, for a specific reason eg healing, guidance etc or for no reason at all, all you had to do was to appear to ‘scratch’ your head to release one golfball-sized power-blessing. These power-blessings are a bit ‘sticky’, they explained, and so as you bring your hand down you would have to ‘flick’ it in the general direction of the person you wanted to receive that power.

pixabay 11 whilte ball protect-596526_1920

A power-blessing…

They could see the look of concern on your face, and went on to explain: In public, they mentioned, try to do this without being noticed, for obvious reasons.

You could for instance, pretend to scratch your head, bring your hand down to the table, and nonchalantly flick that power-blessing like a foosball in the direction you wanted to bless.

Or, instead of a ‘flick’, you could do a pretend cough in the direction of the person you wanted to bless (with you hand or fist to your mouth) – always supposing that they weren’t just inches away from you – and propel the power-blessing as if by air.

pixabay 111 sun-rays-924050_640

…is instantaneous

Ofcourse, if you’re alone, you could be more ‘melodramatic’. After releasing a power-blessing, you could then allow it to drop to the floor and kick it, like a professional footballer, in the direction of the person you wanted to bless.

Or you could let it fall to chest-height, and with both hands – palms facing outward and thumbs overlapped– push it ‘zen-like’ to the person you wanted to bless.

It’s a well-known fact that power-blessings can travel anything from four feet to four thousand miles instantaneously, so don’t hold back. And, you can bless people, building, events, even pets. Anything!

pixabay 111 sun kick com en sunrise sunset-man-human-person-67128

..is powerful

And what happens after you use one? They explained that you immediately get another, and another, and another. Infact, you get an inexhaustible supply. And, there’s more. Whenever you use one to bless someone, immediately a ‘copy’ comes back to you from that direction, and you get a blessing, too. Everyone ‘wins’ the aliens explained.

And with that, you found yourself back in your car. Moments later, the radio came back on, and off you drove.

The remaining thought in your mind as you drove home, obviously, a telepathic ‘implanted’ thought was this: ‘Don’t hold back. Bless those you think deserve a blessing, and bless those you think don’t deserve one. Because, you get blessed, too!’

— o0o —

For many people, a blessing might happen only after someone sneezes. Or if we do it for another reason, it is a one-second word spoken, maybe uttered in a somewhat embarrassed manner, and then often forgotten, or part of a long prayer list that can be a bit tedious. And, then we might fall out of the habit of blessing others.

Ofcourse, blessings – a ‘sending’ of power and potential to another, and invoking the power of That Which Is Bigger Than Ourselves – shouldn’t be so complicated that it is a chore, or so staid that we’re embarrassed to do it, or exhausted by it.

This exercise seeks to find a balance, and to introduce some physicality and intentionality into the workout blessing. It’s like an enacted parable found in some ancient sacred texts. So, in using it we can bless others, and do so in a methodical, thoughtful, ‘directive’ and innovative way.

You may think this is not a useful exercise, but if you do like, or want, to bless people and don’t want to just sit, close your eyes and mentally or verbalise from a list of a lot of names, parrot-fashion, I think this is a good way to liven things up, start a good habit, bless others and get blessed at the same time.

This is just one exercise among many that Tadgh uses. Do contact Tadhg for more information.

Some like to use Tadhg’s imaginal, guided sessions to encounter angels, others use it for archetypal mapping, and still others use other forms of liminal exercises to grow and mature, seek answers, seek healing or transformation etc. There is something for everyone.

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