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Wonder sees beyond the physical world,
with eyes beyond eyes.
A different perception.

Wonder makes us still and tremble in awe,
as we consider our lowliness and humility of heart.
A different status.

Wonder is never small, never a dim light and never disappoints.
It can be fleeting, momentary, even fragile, but it is never meaningless.
A different state of being.

It is the sun rising above the horizon as the cool wind blows.
It is a flock of birds making huge circles in the sky as they prepare to migrate.
It is the friendly hand extended by a stranger when we stumble.
It is a baby’s innocent smile, a lover’s kiss, a kindly word or deed.
It is the knowing, empathetic, tearful glance when words fail.
It is the unexpected: the daily synchronicities of the Creator in the mundane that we so often ignore in our busy-ness.
A difference of depth.

Yes, wonder is the Creator’s gift to us to declare who He is,
what He is doing, and how much He loves us.
And, in this life, as we observe and so participate in wonder,
it is His way of including us in the never-ending cosmic dance of creation.
An invitation.

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