Compline #1501. ‘Wings of the angels…’

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The word compline, from the Latin completorium, denotes the prayer(s) said at the completion of the day, and has been used in this fashion since the time of St Benedict in the sixth century.

Here’s a new compline prayer for you:

In peace we will lie down and sleep.
May the love of God
fill our souls
with the refreshing energy of a thousand flowing streams.

Abide with us.
May the wings of the angels
brush gently across our cheeks
as we sleep and are rested.

Forward to the dawn.
May the love of Mary
pervade every gentle thought
when we purposefully wake.

And, as we look to the coming day,
may God’s smile
reside in our heart, the hearth of our being
to bless us and protect us,
and those whom we love.


2 thoughts on “Compline #1501. ‘Wings of the angels…’

    • Thank you for your kind words. It’s good to connect with you, too.

      The blog will vary in its content – sometimes it may be a prayer, sometimes it may contain part of my journal, at other times herbal remedies and creative visualisation/imagination. I really like to encourage people to consider the spiritual, step into the gap where they pause to consider idea deeper things, and be ‘intentional’, and so will be using the blog in that way.

      Do keep in touch. I saw your website/blog, too, and it looks very interesting, too. GBY.


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