Liturgy For Alban Arthan

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A liturgy for Alban Arthan, Winter Solstice & Advent

I love liturgy, and believe it to be one way in which we can be ‘transported’ to, and dwell within the liminal, that ‘gap’ between Here and the Other, where we can be deeply ‘moved’, and where things happen.

The following liturgy is a suggestion, and one that I find useful in connection with my ‘path’. I offer it to you to use, if appropriate to your ‘path’. If it isn’t, then you still have my blessing, and I hope I have yours, as we walk together.

In the lead up to Alban Arthan (Welsh for ‘the light of winter’), the Winter Solstice, Advent and Christmas, this can be incorporated within another ceremony appropriate for the season, or adapted, as you wish.

Requirement: 5 Candles and a candleholder (Advent-style)

The candles can be lit: first candle is lit on the first week of the season (of Advent), the first and second candles on the second week, the first, second and third candle on the third week, and so on. In this way, you can start the candle-lighting at any point during this season. The central candle is lit on the last day of the season, the day that is most significant to you.

The following is recited, as the first candle is lit:

All: We walked in darkness, but you showed us the light. We pray for those that walk in darkness, that they, too, may see the light that shines in the darkness. (Based on Isaiah 9.2)

The following is recited, as the first and second candle are lit:

All: The light shines in the darkness, still. And the darkness did not comprehend it. We give thanks for the light that guides us. (Based on John 1:5)

The following is recited, as the first, second and third candles are lit:

All: You are the light of the world, and indwell us, so that we become a light in the world. We seek ways to live out that light in our life, in service to all. (Based on Matthew 5:14)

The following is recited, as the first, second, third and fourth candles are lit:

All: There will be no night there, because Your light will illumine us. We praise you for that great promise of light. (Based on Revelation 22:5)

The following is recited, as the first, second, third, fourth and central candles are lit:

All: Light from Light Eternal, born this happy morning, we greet you. (Based on a carol, based on ancient sacred text)


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