Simeon & Anna

stomer 111 matthias adoration

The excited couple came to the Temple in Jerusalem that day.
No lamb for the slaughter like the rich, brought near,
but turtle doves like the poor; to give thanks for the birth,
and brought with contrite hearts and holy fear.

There at the door was Simeon, so old,
promised to see the Saviour so the story was told.
They stopped, and Simeon shuffled closer still,
so fragile, so frail, so slow, so faith-filled.

He muttered, ‘God, you have kept your promise to me,
that after all these years that I should see,
the Promised One as a babe brought here today.
And after years of waiting, and many a tear,
Now I surrender my life to Thee, I say’.

And Anna, too, spoke of the time to come.
A faithful woman, so devout and wise.
Both witnesses knew of the Babe’s journey, His life and future death,
And that He would one day, in power and glory, arise.

And now, two thousand year on,
what meaning do these words have for us,
but, that the Babe has grown, lived and ascended.
And, Simeon and Anna’s words of old are still heard in the street.
Words of comfort, and words so sweet,
that this Babe now grown,
is reigning over all on high.
And with heart so good, and steps so fleet,
He will, unexpectedly, one day return for his own.


Notes: Based on Luke 2: 21-38, The Book: Commonly known as the ‘Song of Simeon’ and the account of Anna the Prophet, at the time of Mary and Joseph giving thanks to God for Jesus in the Temple, some eight days later.

The painting depicted is called ‘The Adoration of the infant Jesus’, by the Dutch artist, Matthias Stomer (1600-1650).

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