Herbarium: Dragon’s Blood

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Do you need some ‘spice’ in your life? Would you like a ‘wealth-increaser’? Could your house do with a spiritual ‘uplift’, banishing negativity and encouraging positivity to take root? Dragon’s blood maybe the answer.

As an Anamcara, Tadhg has much experience regarding the traditional use of ancient herbs and ‘power rocks’ etc. Indeed, Tadhg’s Apothecary uses many such herbs and plants etc for clients, today.

Here’s one that may be beneficial to you.

Dragons Blood (Daemomorops Draco) is a resin from the rattan palm. It was known to the Romans of the first century, and was, for them, an important trading commodity.

There is something of the dragon in this. Strong. Powerful. Effective. Albeit benevolent.

It has a bright red appearance, is a good, natural colourant, and so was (and still is, sometimes) used as a cloth dye, or to make waxes and seals.

It has been used by many cultures in various ceremonies, and was used by some, formerly, as an ingestible medicine, but not so, now. If you have not smelled Dragon’s Blood…it is quite fragrant, similar to that of Myrrh and Frankincense, and so, is somewhat reminiscent of a Catholic mass.

Dragon’s Blood is also excellent for ritual and ceremony for your group (or for you), or around the house.

Myth: Ladon was the name of the dragon, who was believed to guard the apples of the Hesperides, appointed to watch in the gardens of the  by Juno, and never slept. The dragon, however, was slain by Heracles; and the image of the fight was placed by Zeus among the stars. Dragons Blood, the red resin, was, according to this myth, the bloody, earthly remain of Ladon.

Usage by Tadhg: From the ancient, traditional and complementary healing arts of the ancient Celts, Dragons Blood was very useful.

Tadhg’s Apothecary works with it, still:

  • preparing mixes for incense for clients and churches for use in specific ritual and ceremonies,
  • preparing ‘air essences’ for ‘locations and placement-uplift’ eg rooms, workplaces, or for rituals etc.

Could it assist you?

Traditionally, it was used for the healing of : various physical ailment (formerly), but is now not used for ingestion or physical use.

It could be said to be the spice of life! It’s said to be an aphrodisiac!

It is said to have the following properties:

  • an aromatic/pungent
  • an aphrodisiac
  • astringent (that which contracts organic tissue, reducing secretions or discharges of mucous and fluid from the body)

It is also viewed, and is still used by some, ceremonially, as important for:

  • bringing back good memories
  • the banishment of negativity
  • a blessing and protection
  • increasing wealth
  • fertility or as an aphrodisiac
  • various rituals

It may be mixed with other herbs, for specific purposes (depending on your requirements) and for definite church (and other) ceremonies or to use around the house as an ‘air essence’, or in a general manner such as one would use in the hall-way or bathroom etc.

Tadhg could prepare this for you as an ‘air essence’ for the home or as incense for ritual and ceremonial uses, and maybe mix it with other herbs depending on your requirements – its usual for 3-5 herbs to be used – or perhaps there’s some other requirement?

Caution: Dragons Blood should never be ingested, nor used externally on the body.

Next step: To find out more, and how Tadhg’s Apothecary can assist you with a preparation of this herb (or a mix of this and others, depending on your requirements), do contact him for more information and/or to book a consultation, wherever you are.

Note: Intentionality is important. Also, the above-mentioned is for informational purposes only. This ministry is complementary, and not an alternative to allopathic medicine. E&OE. Do not self-medicate. Bt, do contact Tadhg for more information.

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