The observer is observed…

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Field Notes: I’ve noticed that when someone pays me a compliment it lasts for a time and then seems to expire. I’ve also found that when someone annoys me, say, the guy who ‘cut in’ and overtook me in his car when I was out driving last evening, well, the negative thoughts I then had seem to last longer, and a little longer, and a little longer still. Maybe, that’s just me, but that’s not the really interesting thing.

As I had that negative thought going though my mind, I reflected on the fact that the perpetrator had probably long-since forgotten me and I should ‘let it go’, as I seemed to be the only one ‘suffering’.

But, then it occurred to me, what part of me was thinking about that thought, as though that negative thought was now being held at arms-length and being analysed? That’s the interesting thing, don’t you think?

The observer is being observed! But, by what? Something? The ‘Witness’? A ‘higher soul’? The Atman? And, how do we develop that ‘skill’?

If we possess the ‘something’ that can hold thoughts at arms-length and analyse them, then maybe that’s what ‘dying to self’ is all about? My ‘self’ had been offended and was ‘smarting’ with negative thoughts about that awful car driver, and I needed to ‘step out’ of that mindset and rise above it, and ‘die’ to ‘self’, and maybe by so doing my mind is renewed.

What do you think?

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