The four elements

04 FOUR ELEMENTS notes 6 copy

We walk the earth, dust from dust,
sometimes blind to the road ahead.
And yet, in all that we do, in all the twists and turns that we take,
we can leave trails of hope wherever we go.

I walk, I run, I rest, I sleep, I pray.
I breathe.
In all that I do, breath is the gift of life from That Which Is Larger Than Ourselves.
Kabir once asked of his student, ‘What is God’,
and answered, ‘God is the breath within the breath.’

They laugh, they cry, they want, they thirst
and grasp for more and more.
In all that they do, they go through life so parched and needy,
little realising that they are standing knee-deep in a refreshing flowing river.

You and I have fire in our hearts, it is our soul-hearth.
In origin, it is the Spirit from above who dwells in each one of us.
This living Fire flares within, and in all that we are, it consumes all that is dross.
And, as a someone precious,
and forged under pressure in the furnace of the universe,
you are born again and again, as a holy, beautiful, and immortal diamond.

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