The ‘Inner’ You [Part 2]

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Part 2: Today, we’re looking at how we often avoid meeting our ‘inner guide’, what we do and why we do that, with the aim of doing exactly the opposite – that is, within the next few minutes you’ll have some ways of actually meeting your ‘inner guide’.

Recap: Yesterday, we looked at the fact that you have an ‘inner guide’, a most valuable and under-used resource, and that we seem to alternate between being aware (and aware of our ‘inner guide’) and spiritual ‘sleeping’. If you haven’t read yesterday’s post, and they lead on to each other, so do check that first if you haven’t already read it, before continuing, by going to: The ‘Inner’ You [Part 1].

The Liminal Realm And The Imaginal: Right now, you have access to the liminal realm, and it starts in your thoughts, the imaginal realm.  The liminal realm is that ‘gap’ between here and there, a place of power and potential. In the mundane world, advertisers know of its potential, and that’s why we’re all bombarded with adverts for this and that. We ‘soak it up’, it ruminates in our imagination, and then suddenly we want a certain book, buy certain food or are interested in a new car.

‘If you don’t imagine, nothing ever happens at all.’
John Green (Paper Towns)

It can get a little bit complicated when we start talking about ego, super-ego, id, self and higher-self, but let’s start b concentrating on one thing – that you have an ‘inner guide’ who can assist you in many ways.

And, for the moment, let’s no worry about the difference between meditation and contemplation (and views and concepts and even the words they use will differ between people), so let’s just call it imagination or imaginal realm.

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he is…
Sacred Text

So, we have an ‘inner guide’, and he or she is accessible through the imaginal realm – and we all encounter that when asleep, day-dreaming, or intentionally ‘visit’ it, and that will be tomorrow’s awesome theme.

Reason’s To Avoid The Imaginal Realm: The following are cited, essentially, to show the lengths we sometimes go to, to avoid the imaginal realm, in the hope that you will be encouraged to go ‘deep’ into that realm of power and potential. So, we avoid it because:

(1) We’re busy: We all live in a fast-paced culture, and everything wants our attention immediately. Therefore, some like this, which we might not see as essential, gets little or no ‘air time’, and so we don’t make time.

‘My favourite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.’
Steve Jobs

(2) We get no encouragement. As children we might have been encouraged to use our imagination, and we probably had an -oh-so-lively one, at that. But, as adults we tend to down play it – and that’s one reason why I make a (fine) distinction between the imagination and the imaginal.

‘The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.’
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

(3) We don’t know the benefits. We live in an action-packed, flat-pack furniture, want it now, materialistic society, and we don’t know the benefits. Interestingly, several well-known and classical authors used their imaginations to meet (what they called) ‘the council’ of former authors that they would imagine, meet, ‘interview’, check out various ideas, and from whom they gained inspiration.

‘Everything you can imagine is real.’
Pablo Picasso

(4) We don’t know how to. Perhaps we’re just not sure how to encounter. Tomorrow’s theme will deal with that, but it’s simple, effective, and accessible to everyone.

(5) We fear. Some may have been told that to use the imagination in this way is wrong, that ‘things’ can enter your mind and cause problems. Some of my evangelical Christian friends that I see weekly, are fearful of this – and yet unknowingly use their imagination to tell me of a future holiday they’re planning, or how ‘creepy’ a movie was that they saw.

‘…perfect love drives out fear…
Sacred Text

Sadly, some gain their ‘knowledge’ and ‘theology’ from Buffy The Vampire Slayer – great tv (so I’m told), but ‘lousy theology’. Don’t fear your imagination. It’s a door, a limen, an access to great wonders. It’s liminal.

My encouragement to you today is, work towards making time each day, perhaps at the end of the day when you won’t be disturbed by anyone, and relax, and try entering that imaginal realm, if only for 10-15 minutes. [And, this is definitely, tomorrow’s theme].

You will get lots of encouragement from me (and, if you have any views or questions, do contact me). Finally, don’t fear the imagination. It is a wonderful, God-given ‘tool’, and through it we can enter the liminal realm – the door between here and there, of power and potential.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at how you can access the liminal realm of the imagination, what to expect and how it can benefit you. Tomorrow, is subtitled: To boldly go…

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