The ‘Inner’ You [Part 3]

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Part 3: To boldly go….: In this last post on this theme (for a while) we’re looking at how you can access the imaginal realm (via liminality), what to expect and how it can benefit you. So, it is rightly subtitled. ‘To boldly go…..’, as we journey into that imaginal realm of power and potential.

If you haven’t read the previous post, please check here: The ‘Inner’ You [Part 2], but if you haven’t read part one do clock here: The ‘Inner’ You [Part 1].

As regards clients entering into that imaginal realm, Tadhg organises one-to-one sessions ‘in person’ or via Skype (wherever they are), and leads group workshops.

Here’s an outline of the steps of a typical one-to-one imaginal session, and benefits – they are brief – and it is just one way of accessing that awesome inner realm. Important words and concepts used are in italics.

‘Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.’
Albert Einstein

Liminal entry protocol: In one sense we are always ‘in’ that imaginal realm, especially when dreaming or day-dreaming, and so the ‘clue’ to access it purposely is intentionality. That is, to put ourselves in a purposeful restful state. We always seem to function better when our minds are focussed and so Tadhg uses ritual as an initial starting-point, as a focus, and this could simply be that the discerning client holds a palmstone loosely in their hands throughout.

Tadhg guides each client – so, throughout the session a conversation can ensue and encouragement given. Tadhg uses specified words to encourage clients into that imaginal realm, that is to move them through the area of liminality, that threshold between here and there.

The ‘intersection’/location: Depending on the client and their wishes, Tadhg suggests that each client imagines an ‘intersection’ location, where they can orientate themselves in that ‘inner realm’ and from there explore and encounter.

For some, this could be a field with a signpost pointing in different directions, for others it might be a room with many doors through which to pass, for others it might be a stage where they can move about and so encounter, and for others there are a myriad of initial locations from which to start. It is the starting point for ‘inner’ experiences.

Encountering Inner Characters: In one-to-one sessions many discerning clients come with questions, requests for guidance, maybe the hope of healing, some wanting energy, and others come to experience inner growth and see these sessions as part of their maturation process.

And ofcourse, angels can appear in different forms with that imaginal realm – forms to put us at ease.

‘All God’s angels come to us disguised.’
James Russell Lowell

Many discerning clients come expecting to encounter characters of power, wisdom etc to supply answers, guidance etc.

Those whose ‘theology’ accepts angels, come expecting to meet their guardian angel(s), perhaps, or a specialist angel depending on their requirements. No prior knowledge of angelology is required as we can suggest, encourage and guide you. Such clients are rarely disappointed, and return to revel in these wonderful experiences of peace and harmony, and gain wisdom and understanding. In some cases, the presence of angels can assist clients working through trauma and tough circumstances. In some cases, client report wonderful feelings days after an encounter session. We call this residuality.

Others come to encounter their ‘higher self’ and through representation they can engage and learn from that ‘higher self’.

‘Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.’
Carl Jung

Some, and it does seem to be a greater proportion of men, come to encounter the archetypes that make up each one of us – our inner ‘psychic’ energies that denote our skills and traits, and of which we have, at least twelve. They can be encountered as characters of what they represent eg the sage, the shadow, the child, the magician, the wise lady, the trickster etc. Clients quickly become aware of their skills and attributes, and in some sessions they learn how to ‘borrow’ the attributes of other archetypes.

Experiencing Inner Locations: Whether its the ‘higher self’, angels or archetypes it seems these wonderful entities love to use symbolism – maybe that is the deepest kind of language that they know for what they want to convey to us. It certainly is the stuff of dreams, and is deep and moving, and memorable.

And so, apart from the straight interview technique with an angel, or ‘higher self’, or archetype – which is very beneficial and direct – do not be surprised it, as in a dream, you experience other locations.

Some clients wanting knowledge or guidance have been taken to a library and found the answer on in a book title. Others discovered inspiration for their dancing, writing or painting, which appears as a precious gem revealed to them by digging deep, whilst others have obtained energy by attending an ‘inner’ gym which is great for sportspeople or those convalescing.

Liminal exit protocol: Using a prescribed forms of words, Tadhg would guide the client back to the ‘inner’ starting point and then back into the physical realm. The palmstone, as a ritual, would be placed on a table by the client and the imaginal part of the session is ended. But, that’s not the end!

‘Unpacking’ and application: Because much of these sessions are a symbolic encountering and exploration – and as Tadhg can converse with clients throughout these session, he has made copious notes – the next step is a discussion to ‘see’ what it means to you. It could be that strange symbols, encountered has great meaning to the clients daily life.

‘Imagination is like a muscle. I found out that the more I wrote, the bigger it got.’
Philip José Farmer

For instance, at the end of an inner encounter, a client was given a lettuce! They had come with the express intention of finding out whether they should do something or not – whether to take a lucrative job. Although, there are no easy answers – forget anything like a ‘dream dictionary, they don’t work – with the discussion that followed it transpired that a bold granparent who had had a smallholding, and whose motto to this client when she was a child  was ‘do it, little one’, also grew a lot of lettuces. This was confirmation to her to accept the job. Tadhg also shared how, sometimes, in that imaginal world ‘word games’ are played to give a double-affirmation, and a lettuce could be ‘seen’ as affirmation – lettuce equals ‘let us’. It is saying yes! Ofcourse, Tadhg closed the session by urging the client to see this session as part of the ‘shall I take thsi job’ exercise, and she should also check details with professionals, friends and family, perhaps, as well as weighing up the pros and cons, herself.

Gifts, affirmations & residuality: In some cases, a physical gift is given by Tadhg. This might correspond symbolically to any ‘gift’ given by a character in hat inner realm, or treasure dug up. In one case, a sportsperson encountered an archetype in an inner gym, and latter, was given an amber-coloured orb about the size of a golfball. In discussion with Tadgh, after the imaginal experience, Tadhg deduced this was infact carnelian – good for physical strength and endurance, and just right for a sports person. In giving that person a carnelian palmstone, Tadhg showed them how to use it symbolically and uses affirmations when they needed an energy boost.

In all cases, Tadhg seeks to unpack the symbolism and apply it to each persons daily life, work etc.

‘When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.’
Carl Jung

Benefits: The benefits are many and varied. Some come with deep wishes and desires, others come for information or wisdom or guidance, some for healing, others for energy, strength, resolution of some tough problem, or to rekindle a friendship or relationship etc. These sessions are that versatile. And, Tadhg makes no charge for one-to-one sessions. It’s done on a donation only basis.

‘The imagination is man’s power over nature.’
Wallace Stevens

Even more!: One aspect of this imaginal realm not mentioned so far is the ‘blessing zone’. This exciting and amazing topic, including practical exercises, ritual and more, will feature over the next few days. Find out what your cosmic task is.


End note: Because we care, we always remind clients that, as regards healing, this is not the same as cure. Healing may be the acceptance of the way things are, an increase in positivity and determination, assurance of resurrection/ascension, of ‘overcoming etc. This work is complementary, and so those attending with ailments etc are requested to continue taking medical advice and medicines; and those gaining knowledge or guidance etc in sessions etc are requested to (still) consult a professional especially, but not only, in legal and financial areas. In all cases, common sense should prevail.

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