If only…An exercise in spirituality

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Excerpt from Tadhg’s Journal: Have you ever been so rushed and hurried, so busy with meetings and more meetings, that you’ve felt like a machine? More of a ‘human doing’, instead of a human being?

Welcome to my world, yesterday.

I was going to write about ‘A day in the life of an Anamcara’, but yesterday, especially in the evening, I didn’t feel spiritual at all. Quite ‘worldly’, infact. So, maybe that’s a topic for another day.

Yes, last evening I felt totally un-spiritual.

You see, just a few hundred yards from my London apartment,  a company have won the contract to build a huge, long, lasting- several-years-to-construct, ‘Thames Sewer’, and last evening was one of the meetings between community representatives (of which I’m one), the local Council and the construction company.

Ah, there I was talking about practical things, mechanical things, chemical things, mundane things, logistical things, building matters and the environment, and my mind wandered to what it would be like to be sitting in front of an open fire in my cottage in Capel Curig in north Wales, a cottage surrounded by awesome wilderness. And there I would be with a drink – maybe a hot coffee with something alcoholic in it – in my hand, a good book on my lap, and having returned from a brisk walk in the forest, slowing warming myself by that roaring fire.

Ah, wouldn’t it be great, if only…..

If only I wasn’t at that meeting, was the thought that ran through my mind. Only for it to be countered, very early on in that meeting by a more powerful thought that such community-orientated work, dealing with planning laws which affect people’s lives, the environment which affect people and animals alike, and mundane matters was ever-so spiritual.

I do believe there is a time to draw aside and be by oneself, to ‘re-energise’ by prayer and meditation and the reading of sacred text. We need that. Well, I do! I also believe that we are called to engage fully with people, to live life to the maximum, and to take part in the matters of local life.

Maybe, what we need is a balance? And, the realisation that there is no distinction between sacred and secular, except the illusion we play into.

It is, for me, a balance between meditation and the market-place; drawing aside and then fully engaging with people; and knowing that everything is spiritual.

I promise you I did fully participate within the meeting, and felt the better for it. As did others.

After the meeting, a few of us adjourned to a local restaurant-bar, and as I looked around the table, as if I had had an ‘out of body experience’, and as people started to relax, I saw people whose fears had been alleviated somewhat, whose life-environment was a little more stable than before, who had been listened to, who seemed to ‘stand taller’, and who now laughed and joked with each other. All because of that ‘mundane’ meeting.  It was great! It was spiritual.

I can’t think of a better example of spirituality, than last evening (the committee meeting and what followed), evidenced in those people.

The idea of sitting in front of that open fire in Capel Curig faded for the time being, especially as I know – deo volente – I’ll be there next week. and will enjoy it all the more for a brief absence.

Yes, everything is spiritual.

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