In praise of the taxman

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Excerpt from Tadhg’s Journal: Hooray. The kind TaxMan (or woman) has given me some money. Not enough for a world cruise – that luxury is reserved for rich Brits who have much of their money in offshore accounts to avoid taxation. But, enough to decorate a room or two – buy the paint and a few other bits and pieces.

Wait a minute! Hang on a moment! Now hold your horses!

Yes, you’ve probably already realised. The TaxMan wasn’t kind, as though this was a gift (which in itself would be subject to taxation over a certain limit, so I’m told). It was, and is, my own money coming back. Money due to me because they took too much in the first place. But, hey ho, it didn’t feature in the household accounts as money I could spend so it feels like an extra financial boost, and gives me a bit more money to play with. Hooray for the Taxman. Or for the Brits reading this, hoorah!

So there I was, indulging in retail therapy, but I’m sure you’re interested to kntiffany lamps Untitled-2ow what I bought. Yes?

I know you home décor people are ‘reet interested’ as they say up North. Well, I bought paint for the living room ceiling and walls, paint for the feature wall, and paint for the bathroom. All at half price! Oh, and three ‘Tiffany’ lamps: one tall floor lamp for the corner of the living room, and two side-table lamps. All from their awesome red/yellow ‘Dragonfly’ range. They do look ‘smart’.

Interestingly, the paint for the bathroom was the same colour as the nail varnish on one of the baristas (one of the female ones) this morning, at the Magic Café, and I told her so. It looked like a swatch chart on the end of each of her fingers. Paint companies are missing a trick, here! I omitted to tell her which room the paint was for, as I thought that might be too much information, and might upset her, anyway. And, she hadn’t brought over my coffee at that stage.

And, I also noticed last evening as I ‘sank’ into my ever-so-welcoming, seemingly ‘magnetised’ sofa that you would never want to leave, to watch a good tv movie, that my living room now looks like something out of the Hobbit with those three Tiffany lamps in place. Oh my, they do look nice, though. But, I’m now wondering if my feet are unusually large and hairy? And, what’s this ring? Was that a dragon (or a wyvern)?

Thank God for tax refunds. And bless all those tax officials. Thank you Saint Matthew, the patron saint of tax officials.

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