Tadhg, a physical guy?

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Excerpt from Tadhg’s Journal: My previous ‘Confessio’ about hugging and kissing, and greeting people has got me into ‘hot water’. Prompted by that confession, I’ve been described as a ‘physical guy’ several times by different people, and I hope in the nicest possible way. And, in one sense it’s true. I am a physical guy.

‘In a multitude of counsellors there is wisdom.’ [The Book, paraphrase]. And I really do need your counsel said Tadhg to the reader of this.

The human form: At a post-church service meeting, with friends in the café, we were talking about art and Christianity. They know I’m of the opinion that the Reformation and Puritan attitudes which ‘piggybacked’ onto Reformation theology did much harm to art, and especially to art depicting the human form.

Even today, you will find people who will cover up classical art if it shows what they consider human ‘ruderies’. Not so my Druid, pagan and other friends. They are open and authentic, and mature at appreciating the human form in its god(dess)-given splendour. Oddly, the Bible [what with the incarnation etc] seems to agree with them.

And because of my views one of my friends said, ‘You are a physical guy, Tadhg, aren’t you!’. And, I am in that sense.

 ‘Sensory perception is the silken web that binds our separate nervous systems into the encompassing ecosystem.’ [David Abram]

The statuette in question: I was with a couple of different friends, sauntering around a large store that sold home furnishing and ornaments, when we entered the vases and statuettes’ section. From a yard/metre away we all marvelled at one seemingly bronze cast of Mercury on a plinth, standing about 18 inches/46 centimetres high.

They wondered, they appreciated, they asked questions, they ‘oohed and aaahed’, and pondered. I must admit, with his strange hat, forward poise, winged ankles it would look good on the writing desk in the home office in Capel Curig. Much to their dismay, I reached forward and picked it up. It was well made and well-finished. It was a handsome-looking piece, but….

But, it wasn’t cold to the touch. Bronze would be cold. It wasn’t heavy as I tilted it from one side to the other to feel its weight distribution. Bronze would have had some weight to it. It was, sadly, some kind of paper-thin resin, coated in bronze coloured paint. For all their admiration from afar, one touch and I lost interest. It wouldn’t look good on the desk, now that I know.  ‘What do you expect’, one of them said about me as he rolled his eyes, ‘He’s a physical guy’. And, I am.

 ‘Think with the whole body.’  [Taisen Deshimaru]

And, it’s true. I do like to touch objects. You can tell an awful lot about them. If I’m out shopping for curtains – the feminine side comes to the fore, then –  I will feel the material and not just concern myself with colour.  At one museum in central London the ancient stone obelisks etc aren’t covered and you’re encouraged to touch, and I do. And, I think to myself, some ancient resident of Mesopotamia may have touched this very spot on the obelisk and wondered who will touch this in two thousand years time.

‘Touch has a memory.’ [John Keats]

People: Some people metaphorically run towards me, some do the opposite. I enjoy greeting people, I really do. And, I’ll  will kiss and hug them as appropriate. I know it does embarrass some, and I aim not to embarrass (usually), but sometimes I just can’t help it.

‘Touch is a more powerful communicator than words.’ [Marty Rubin]

A handshake will be a heart-felt handshake, a kiss on the cheek from me will probably include both cheeks, and a hug for my fellow brethren will usually mean a huge hug and a pat on the back. They know what to expect, because Tadhg is a physical guy. And, I am.

In trouble: And now, being a physical guy has got me into ‘hot water’, in a corner, and presents a challenge.

You see there’s a series of fun, awesome, amazing, zany, ‘crazy events’ coming up and one of them is wrestling. It is for charity. Some are taking it seriously, but most are taking it light-heartedly. But, what has this to do with Tadhg, you may ask?

Well, it seems that several of my friends, the ones who chant the mantra ‘Tadhg is a physical guy’, in their friendliness have put my name forward for a charity wrestling match. Either innocently misunderstanding my acceptance of the phrase ‘Yes, I, Tadhg, am a physical guy’, or out of friendly-‘mischievousness’, they did it, and now I’m in a quandary.

I so want to help the charity in question, and it is for fun, but am I that kind of physical guy?

 ’Take a strong wrestler, get them tired, and they aren’t as strong.’ [Unknown]

I’m told I’m a physical guy, but maybe not that physical? What should I do? Accept and enter as a luchador – you know, one of those Lucha libre wrestlers with the masks? Luchador for the day? It is for charity. It could be fun. It will do my ego some good. I really don’t want to appear timid and back down. If I fail colossally I will be behind a mask. So, should I accept? Or should I  ‘weasel’ out of it?

What should I do?

4 thoughts on “Tadhg, a physical guy?

  1. What a great post. I too am touchy and feely and have a hard time viewing art at times as I have to force myself to not touch! Wonderful when one is encouraged to do so. As far as the wrestling, not so much, afraid of injury. Make a contribution instead!


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