The Sacred Grove


As a man lost in the forest in the dark,
I stood in awe,
ever so quiet and said nothing.

In the sacred grove of the ancient Celts I had happenchanced,
and was now humbled by the Presence.

I had stumbled into the peace of wild things,
creatures who dance at night in the oak shades with elementals.

If you listen intently, you can hear them laugh.
The heart’s laughter is immeasurable.
Lift up your heart.

If you feel deeply you can almost reach out and touch their love.
Love is always too much.
Allow yourself to love sincerely, expecting nothing in return.

If you disclose your inner self,
surrender, and share what is happy or good within,
it will but come back ten thousandfold.

As a man lost in the forest in the dark,
I stood in awe.

How can we find such ‘thin places’?
Only your soul has a map.
Search for it, and you will find it within and without.


Inspired by several lines of poetry from Wendell Berry, John O’Donohue, Oriah Mountain Dreamer, and the Book.

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