Tadhg’s Journal: Dad’s special day

02 dad 2016 copy

Tadhg’s Journal: Today in 1925 my Dad was born. Tony Curtis was born the day after; two days later the Goodyear airship, ‘the Pilgrim’, declares ‘a first’ as it flies with an enclosed cabin; and Barbara Bush was born about a week later.

Today, in 2016, my Dad celebrates his 91st birthday.

We had a great celebratory family, BBQ for him last weekend, and today (as my Dad is a creature of habit) we went, as usual, for lunch at the Magic Café, Fulham in London. In addition to the usual meal, I’d arranged for the staff to bring out a birthday cake I had bought, with the numbers ‘9’ and ‘1’ on it. My, there was some sugar used in that cake!  And the staff added to the celebration by singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him as they brought out the cake, as did everyone else in the café. Was that really Richard Fairbrass (of ‘Right Said Fred’ fame) sitting in the corner, and who came over and personally wished my Dad happy birthday? My Dad so enjoyed himself.

I am a most blessed man because of my dear Dad. God is good. [The photo above is my Dad, taken recently, using his iPad. He loves everything to do with computers, and especially enjoys reading via Kindle and online jigsaw puzzles].

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