Celtic Thought For The Day #01: Perception

99 CELTIC Wway 1 copy

Perception: When you look at a sunset, what do you see? Here’s three ways of looking at things:

Surface-minded people may only see a ball of gas.

Dig a little deeper, and a person might also perceive chance at play – we’re in the ‘goldilocks’ zone of not too close to boil; not too far away to freeze.

Go deeper still, and the Celtic, the Druid, the Light-worker, those spiritually-minded people, accepting the prior two views, will utter complete awe, mystery and gratitude to the One who put it there, and ‘know’ it as a sign of love.

Perception. Important.

It’s easy to look at things only at the surface level. Eastern sages, down the years have encouraged us to have a beginner’s mind, to see as if through the eyes of a child. And, the Christ said the same. He also said that we must be born again. Maybe that isn’t a one-off event, and maybe it’s to do with being spiritually aware; being aware again and again and again, lest we see things only at a surface level.

Seeing ‘beyondness’ in events is a Celtic attribute. Try looking at what is happening around you, today, with a ‘deeper’ perception.

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