Celtic Thought For The Day #04: Gratitude Monday

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There are so many special days for this or that – did you know that 19 September is ‘Speak like a pirate day’) – that I thought today should be ‘Gratitude Day’;  time to give thanks for great and small mercies,  especially those from unexpected quarters.

‘…give thanks in all circumstances…’ 1 Thessalonians 5:18 (part), the Book

Those who know me, will know that I had a ‘skirmish’ with oesophageal cancer nine years ago. At the time of the diagnosis, I found things to be grateful for – amongst the angst, worry, bewilderment and fear [I really am no ‘superhero’, invulnerable to negativity].

I was grateful for:

  • the pithy, uplifting Zen stories spoken to me by another in the ‘chemo lounge’,
  • the person on a herbalist course with a similar interest in ritual who was Wiccan and laid hands on me,
  • the (Druidic) light-worker who ‘breathed’ on me,
  • the (Celtic) Christians who prayed,
  • the Muslim who asked humbly if Muslim healing prayers counted?
  • life from the Life-Giver!

Something to do: for five minutes, write all the things that you’re grateful for, especially things that surprised you, ponder, give thanks, then shred the paper.

3 thoughts on “Celtic Thought For The Day #04: Gratitude Monday

    • Thanks for sharing that, Kate. Gratitude lists are a good spiritual discipline, and I love journalling. Both are great ways to keep things in perspective and look at the greater picture. Your words are a great encouragement. Thanks for that. GBY.

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