A Fivefold Blessing For You: Refreshing Rain


We live in a fast-paced age. It used to be that news would travel across the Atlantic, say, in a week and around the world in several weeks or even months, and then it took only hours with the telegraph; and today, with the internet, global news is simultaneous.

If the news is of murders and riots, famine, war or disease etc, it can be depressing. There is little time for reflection when everything is simultaneous. Little time to prepare oneself when the news is broadcast on tv, and enters straight into the living room. Little time to process the news, and assess the way in which we’re affected by those continual ‘negative jolts’.

We can suffer from ‘mean world syndrome’, become tired, over-anxious, exhausted and bewildered – what some might call ‘soul fragmentation’ or ‘soul loss’, and more so if we’re involved in the healing or creative arts, or some other (people-orientated) spiritual ministry.

Some are called to a life of solitude, but if you’re anything like me, you move between the mundane and the spiritual – but know that there is, really, no separation.  And, so, it is easy, then, to become ‘drained’ (and not even know it!).

There are times when it’s necessary to pause, just for a little while, and maybe, now, is just such a time for you? Time to pause and ‘re-charge’ those ‘batteries’, ready for the next instalment of this wonderful adventure called life.

I like liturgy – what we say is powerful. With a word all that is visible and invisible, was made!

And, so here’s an intentional, from-the-heart blessing (a sort of ’emergency repair kit’ for the soul) if you are weary, or in need of that much-needed ‘pause’ or need a refreshing energy influx;  from me to you, especially.

A fivefold blessing:

When the earth calls out to you, and reminds you of your vulnerabilities and hurts,
may there grow a mighty tree of strength and righteousness to quell your fears.

When the sea rages, and all you feel is the wrath of other people’s anger,
may refreshing rain fall kindly upon your soul to comfort and calm you.

When life’s winds blow loud and hard, and knock you off your feet,
may you hear the Voice, the Spirit, the Awen, the bat kol, speaking gentle words of encouragement in your ear.

When the sun scorches, and tests all that you once held dear,
may the moon, that pale, gentle, downward-looking face, smile upon you, to reassure you that you are not alone.

And may the Friend,
the Giver of Life,
the One who cares for all,
forever bless you in indescribable ways.


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