Celtic Thought For The Day #06: Who Would You Appoint?

99 CELTIC Wway 1 copy

The new ‘care-taker’ British Prime Minister, Theresa May is busy assembling her Cabinet, and appointing various ministry posts. I can’t hide the fact that some of the appointments, and indeed what has happened in UK politics over that last two weeks, have filled me with alarm.

But, this aside, today’s Celtic Thought is an interactive one, and is, maybe, a wee bit of fun. So, unleash those creative juices.

Question: As a light worker, druid, celt, clergy person, person-with-ministry, a person of faith, a spiritual person etc: If you were appointing ministers to various government departments, who would you appoint? The only stipulation is that they must be men and women who have passed on! They can even be fictional characters.

You don’t need to appoint someone to all the ministry/government posts listed below, but you can if you want to. I’ve listed my choice, below:

1. Department of Health: Mary Seacole
2. Department of Education: Merlin
3. Chancellor of the Exchequer: Midas
4. Foreign Secretary: Cleopatra
5. Home Secretary: King Arthur
6. Justice Department: King David
7. Ministry of Defence: Boudicca
8. Culture Secretary: Robin Williams
9. Department of Transport: Henry Ford
10. Department of the Environment: Marie Curie

So, who would you appoint and why?

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