Celtic Thought For The Day #08: …For The Mundane Things

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The words we use have power.

At a school governor’s meeting with a parent and child, the parent turned and said, ‘She’s not as clever as her older sister’. You could see that school girl’s shoulders slump, her character diminished. Gently, I reassured her that she had immense talent, different to her sister’s, and that’s what made her unique. Her school work improved.

Our prayers count.

They do have an effect. Formal and written or ‘as they come’, they should come from the heart. They don’t need to be pretentious. The Celts were/are very ‘down to earth’ people, and would pray about ‘mundane’ things that mattered to them

My encouragement to you (and myself) is to find time, today, to pray for what’s really on our heart, especially the ‘mundane ‘ stuff. The following prayer is an example:

I make this bed
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
In the name of the night we were conceived,
In the name of the night we were born,
In the name of the day we were baptised,
In the name of each night, each day,
Each angel that is in the heavens.

(Elizabeth Harper Neeld)

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