Celtic Thought For The Day #09: Brother Sun…

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The weather in London is gorgeous. It’s going to be about 30c today, slightly higher tomorrow, and then a high in the mid-twenties all week. The ‘dog days’ (diēs caniculārēs) have arrived!

Brother Sun…’I seldom see you, seldom hear your tune…’, Donovan.

In her exquisite book,The Celtic Wheel Of The Year’, Tess Ward outlines the months of the year and adds her liturgy of prayers. She says the Celts had two homes: in the winter it was the hearth of the home; in the summer, and especially this month it was the sun, it was being outdoors, ‘soaking up’ nature, resting and taking holidays, pilgrimages etc.

Thought for the day: enjoy the sun; give thanks to the Maker of the Greater Light.

The early Celts would have worshipped outside at this time of the year (- it wasn’t until things got ‘organised’ that the Church worshipped inside, even in brilliant weather!). The ancient Welsh and Irish Celts, Druids etc also believed that the world was supported by invisible columns of the sky that held up the roof of heavens, and the sun – the rafters being the dwelling place of God. I like that. Rather romantic, don’t you think?

imageA view from the Magic Café, London, as I write.



2 thoughts on “Celtic Thought For The Day #09: Brother Sun…

  1. God speaks from those in the past. Thank you for opening the door of my stuffy, little cabin and share new Light and the Son Shine.


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