Celtic Thought For The Day #14: Cinderella With Amnesia And Lammastide

99 CELTIC Wway 1 copy

Are you ready for Lammas(tide)? It fast approaches! Ever since secondary school, I’ve loved it. But, does that word seem strange to you?

If you’re a StarTrek fan you’ll remember the episodes called ‘Birthright’. Worf stumbles across a prison-camp, housing two generations of Klingons. The older generation, knowing that the war is over, were, and still are, embarrassed at having been caught – their Klingon honour is now the real prison and not the (‘open’) fence. The younger generation know little of their heritage. Worf then overhears a young Klingon women singing a melodic, lullaby to her child. He interrupts! What she sings as a lullaby, he says,  is really a warrior’s song of victory, and should be sung loud and with strident chords! It seems she wasn’t told that! The older generation hadn’t passed that information on!  Passivity suited them, but it didn’t serve the newer generation.

As regards our spiritual heritage, what have we forgotten? Are we like Cinderella with amnesia?

Galadriel: ‘The world is changed… Much that once was, is lost; for none now live who remember it.’

In our rush for modernity, many have lost much about the ancient, Celtic and/or Druid  celebration of Lammas. That’ll be tomorrows theme.

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