Celtic Thought For The Day #16: Dare To Risk

99 CELTIC Wway 1 copy

The Celts were/are tough. If you want to be a Celt, prepare for some tough times ahead.

‘On hearing it, many of his disciples said, ‘This is a hard teaching. Who can accept it?’’ John 6:60, The Book

Dom John Chapman, the Benedictine Abbot said that all spiritual writers disagreed with one another, and that he disagreed with all of them. A reminder that spirituality – the way we approach life, what we think, do, and how we do it – takes many form, can be tough, but it is worth it!

‘A ship in harbour is safe, but that Is not what ships are built for.’ John A Shedd

We can stay in the harbour, never experiment or try anything deeply ‘Celtic’ and everyone will love us. Compared to life as it could have been, we’ll end up living a lack-lustre life.

But, dare to risk, head for the ‘high seas’, try new Celtic things, use imaginative ways of praying that are unfamiliar to some, and which are enjoyable and meaningful (eg St Ignatian type prayers, the caim), try a new ‘made up’ (meal) ritual(s), use apophatic contemplation, meet other Celts, and you will find dissent. But, you will grow (as a Celt), enjoy yourself, find meaning, and move closer to the Divine. Don’t be timid.

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