Lammas Thanks 2016

Lammas 2016a CEREMONIALIST 2 copy

In gratitude, do we come to you,
Lord of the Harvest, Lord of All.

Blessed are you, Storm-Bringer,
who opens the doors of the sky
for the winds to blow, to scatter the seed.

Praise to you, Giver of Sunshine,
whose mighty handiwork warms the soil;
a discreet and holy womb for life to grow.

Blessed are you, Maker of Rain,
who calls forth the refreshing waters to flow,
to nurture life into green plenitude.

Praise to you, Source of Plenty
who blesses all the earth in many ways,
and creates an abundance,
for our daily bread.

Spirit of All, we give you thanks
that you have blessed us with
gifts of the earth on this table,
at this Lammastide.
May we, like you, share our bread with others,
that they may be blessed, too.

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