Celtic Thought For The Day #20: Perception: Mae Mwy, There Is More…

there is more THOUGHTS 60

A few of my friends are ‘political animals’, and sometimes, just for ‘fun’, especially to those of them who cannot see any merit whatsoever in an opposing view (which means they may not have even considered it), my favourite phrase is mae mwy,  Welsh for ‘there is more’, and pronounced ‘may moy-oh’.  In this way I seek to encourage them to see the wider picture. Oh, the fun we have.


Some of my mature spiritual friends have strong views, too, and are unwilling to consider anything else, lest they be diverted from the truth. My question to them is usually: Have you always held that view? And, they usually reply, ‘No’. ‘Then your views have changed, matured?, I ask. And, they usually say, ‘Yes’.

My last question to them is: Have you discovered everything there is to know, is there scope for learning more, and if you keep your current attitude will you discover more? Okay, that’s three questions in one, but in essence my message to them is:  mae mwy – there is more. Encouragement.

And, whether or not they, or we discover more depends on our ability to seeking afresh, rather than being closed-minded as though the ‘journey’of discovery has ended. It’s my way of nudging them (you, and me, too) to look further. Mae mwy – there is more. We are looking through a glass (mirror), darkly!


There is an interesting phenomena is quantum mechanics, where a quanta (a particle) will pass through multiple holes when mechanically observed – every time. However, when observed by a person, it changes course and goes through only one hole – every time. It seems that, at that level of reality, there really is more. Mae mwy.

‘…what we call reality is conditioned by the limitations of our senses, and there is  some other reality much larger and more complex than we are able to perceive.’   Christian Wiman

Someone said, ‘Seek and you will find’, which, it seems to me, means conversely, if we don’t look then we won’t find. So the question is: Do you really believe there is more, and will your current way of ‘working’ enable you to make that voyage of discovery? There really is more out there than we can imagine, if we but look.

Mae mwy, there is more!

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