Tadhg’s ‘Market Research’ For Winter Solstice 2016. Feedback Appreciated

160905 views sought STANDARD EPHEMERA

Your views are sought.

Thinking further ahead to the Winter Solstice-ish time (2016), I’d like to seek your views about doing ‘something’ eltic-orientated in London – a celebration meeting, perhaps?

For the last few equinoxes, and some full moon celebrations, I’ve hosted groups – some e and formal, some small and informal. I’d like to suggest a small  group celebration at home, consisting of interested people – people like yourself – from all sorts of ‘faith-tribes’ and beliefs, but who have in common the desire of periodic nature-based celebration, for the forthcoming Winter equinox.

Celebrate good times, come on!
(Let’s celebrate)
Celebrate good times, come on!
(Let’s celebrate)

Although I’ve reached the maximum number of people who can ‘fit’ into my small house for the forthcoming Autumn equinox, I’d like to give an open invitation to all in the London area for the Winter Solstice or nearest full moon in December. This would, roughly, then, be an evening celebration-meeting on 16 or 17 December, 2016.

Although the full moon is slightly later than that date, and the solstice a week later, I’m mindful that that would put the celebration-meeting just a couple of days before Christmas and make it impossible for some to attend.

So, if interested in coming to a small, evening, celtic-orientated celebration (ie liturgy, poems, participation (or just watching), prayer, and a time to socialise, ask questions, in a friendly and informal atmosphere etc, all centred around a simple meal) on 16 or 17 December in London (UK), to celebrate the full moon and winter solstice, please email me.  We might ‘theme’ it so there is a topic that is ‘taught’ or shared by someone for a few minutes. The accent on this gathering will be on togetherness, informality, inclusiveness, and enjoyment – it is a celebration, after all.

It is a no cringe-factor, ‘no awkward moments’ zone.

You’re not committing yourself at this stage, so if you would like to attend (but are not sure of commitments) please express an interest so that I can gauge the level of interest, and also views and ideas are also welcome from all (wherever you are, even if you know you can’t attend). If you have any questions about the ethos and spiritual foundation of such a celebration (it will be Druid-Christian, ‘open’, non-proselytising; and we are an inclusive bunch, so don’t be deterred), please email me at: tadgh@tadhg.cymru

Do respond. Even if it’s to say ‘hi’, what a great idea….(or not) LOL.

All individual  responses will be confidential. More details will be sent to those who express an interest, and nearer the date.

Stop press: It’s also been suggested that we could ‘broadcast’ part of it via Facebook so you can take part as a group or as an individual wherever you are. Something similar to this has worked for formal celebrations in the past, but might work here. What do you think? Interested? Views?

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