Syria And The Caim: A Heartfelt Call. Action By Us.


Will you join me, please?

A few months ago, I wrote about the Caim, and in the light of the continuing war in Syria, my request is that tonight, and indeed over the weekend, that we uphold the innocent people of Syria in our thoughts, our positive-thoughts, our well-wishes, our prayers (or whatever we call them), and perhaps consider incorporating the Caim into part of our spiritual practice for this cause.

The Syrian people are suffering from widespread conflict. More than 240,000 lives have been lost since the conflict began more than four years ago…

In essence, the Caim is a profound ‘circling’ prayer used by ancient Celts, Druids and others over the millennia. It is still used by them and by some Churches who value its benefits, and by some wiccans, pagans, light-workers, and mystics. Even, Evangelicals.

The word Caim is Gaelic, and it has to do with ‘protection’ or ‘sanctuary’; it is derived from the root word meaning ‘circle’, to bend, or turn, and this becomes apparent when you start forming the Caim.

Such spiritual practices change events, and the people of Syria are in great need. I’m therefore asking all my Christian, Druid, Pagan, Light-Worker friends and those of other faiths/beliefs to focus on Syria this weekend. Good people in action!

Will you join me, please?

As regards Syria, some have said regime change should happen, to the immigrant ‘challenge’ others have said they should stay and fight……but beyond this, innocent people are suffering. I’d like to request that we ‘flood’ that area with peace-prayers, peace-thoughts, positivity etc. That we’re not specific in the outcome – change this, change that – but just direct positivity into that area, and leave the ‘how’ to the Source of All.

‘The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.’ James 5:16b, The Book

For indepth information about the Caim, please see: here, but in essence, a shorted form of Caim (which uses the imagination) is:

Entry into The Caim: Turn your body through 360 degrees. I like to face east, but the choice is yours. I start off facing east and end up facing east. I also like to turn deosil, clockwise, and scribe an invisible circle, to begin the Caim.

You can stand or sit, thereafter.

Eyes closed, and in your mind’s eye,  imagine that you’re journeying inward to a comfortable and safe place, a place that is full of power and potential. Metaphorically journeying toward the Source.

Liminal space, the imaginal realm.

Activity in the Caim: Different people use symbolism in different ways.

I imagine myself reaching up to scoop ‘heavenly ‘blessings’, and then moulding them into a ball, and pushing them in the direction of the recipient. In this case Syria.

And, I might have a mental picture of Syria now, and spend a few minutes thinking of war-torn Syria (the images are well-known to us all, sadly).

And then I will spend just as long, if not longer, on a more positive picture of thesyria-2 potential outcome, after the prayer/blessing has arrived. Thought-pictures of peace, tranquillity, happy families, young people able to play in safety etc

However you do this, in being true to your beliefs, I do believe our authenticity and intentionality is honoured by the Source, and will be effective (visibly or invisibly).

I also do believe what we ‘send out’ does ‘come back’, and so, do believe a blessing comes back to the sender, you, in one form or another, immediately or some time in the future. And, that’s one good reason to send out something positive, rather than something negative.

Time for more gratitude to the Power who supplies all that we need and, in this case, what Syria needs. Here you can add vocal prayers, vocal praise, vocal gratitude.

The return: With eyes opened, point to that circle, and slowly turn your body through 360 degrees – anti-clockwise (or widdershins, as it is known) – to close the caim.

Wait for another minute, perhaps, to savour the moment, and leave the circle.

My suggestion is that we consider doing this, at least over the weekend. If you want to visualise the whole event, which allows more freedom to do this, I do believe it will be just as effective, or you can incorporate it into your usual spiritual practices. Or, maybe you could ‘send up’ a simple Nehemiah-like ‘arrow prayer’ of positivity, or light a candle?

Will you join me?

Authenticity and intentionality are  paramount, here, I believe. But, please do something ‘extra’ this weekend for the people of Syria. Do let me know how it went, by emailing me at:



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