Poem: A Message From A Senior Demon To A Junior Demon On The Subject Of War


The following was penned in the style of C S Lewis’ book ‘The Screwtape Letters’. It’s therefore written in the negative, from a diabolical point of view, with truth(s) embedded. I’m not advocating war, and because it’s written from the diabolical point of view, then, really, I’m advocating the opposite to what is written (unless it’s wholesome). And that must just be about the most confusing ‘prologue’ I’ve written. But, bless you if you’ve got this far. The poem:

A word of advice from our master below.
You should not be complacent, junior djin, nor go with the flow.
The war is hurting some,
but more needs to be done.

You must not reveal yourself, nor your ways.
Try to get shelling to last for weeks, not days.
Get each side to blame the other.
Keep secret, and they won’t discover
that the real enemy is you, my demonic brother.

Harden the hearts of the political people.
Get hardliners to pray for victory in synagogue, mosque or steeple.
Ensure that martyrs of violence are not seen as killers.
Encourage commerce, and intercontinental arms dealers.

Thousands will die, and that’s more for our chief.
Drown out the noise of those of religious belief.
Whether in mosque or synagogue or steeple,
Keep away from thoughtful, discerning people.

A junior demon you are now,
but follow this advice and your ability will flower.
Confuse the people who really care.
Keep in the shadows and they won’t even know that you’re there.

The humans think this is war about land.
It’s the age-old fight started by our master’s enemy, and
it’ll continue until we gather enough souls,
and the brighter the furnace burns with those human ‘coals’.

Our biggest fear, what we dread the most,
is that you, junior demon, get haughty and boast.
And get found out, discovered, and our work is undone
and the good people of all sides band as one.

You see, they fight, and hate, and kill, and maim.
If only they knew, they’re all the Children of Abraham.
So be brave, soldiers of the darkness, take care.
We have no real threat, except the man, and woman, and child of prayer.

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