Celtic OrthoPraxis: Today, As You Encounter ‘Reflective Robots’…


‘The world is a looking glass and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face.’ William Makepeace Thackeray

As a child, did you ever have toy figures or dolls that you would set out, play with, and re-enact some of the scenes from your childhood life?

I used to have lots of action figures to play with as a child, and one action figure in particular represented a rather grumpy school teacher. I’d use the action figure to re-enact various scenes, knowing always that at the end of the game that that particular action figure would go back in the box. But, ofcourse, I grew out of that kind of playing with action figures by the time I was 40yo. (Actually, I was much younger than that, but I just wanted to bring a smile to your face). 

It’s interesting the number of people, family, friends and strangers that (sometimes) seem to upset us. It has been said that upsetting scenarios will often repeat themselves until (in a positive way) we have found the message they are trying to communicate to us.

‘Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.’ Carl Jung 

Even more interesting is that Carl Jung believed that those who irritated us were, in some way, reflecting back to us something about ourselves that we may not want to encounter. He called it the ‘shadow’ or the ‘shadow self’, and (that’s something for another occasion), although the shadow is something we hide, it is a veritable power-house of energy that can be used positively and creatively.

But, the idea of reflection is the theme for today. As we go about our daily life, at home, school, college, work etc, Jung would tell us that what we ‘see’ in others, the way they interact with us, is a direct result of something of us being reflected in others. 

In others, we see a ‘mirror’ of ourselves, and usually the negative ‘bits’ that we find offensive!

So, here’s a game for us to play, a spiritual game, and it goes like this:

The Great ToyMaker has created an endless variety of robotic toys, and some of these you will encounter today, and they will look so lifelike. The Great Toymaker has programmed these toys to amuse you and comfort you, and to do so, they are attuned to your thought waves.

The ‘challenge’ is that you have so many thoughts, and conflicting ones at that, that sometimes, the other toys, these robots become confused. [Please don’t blame them for this, and please don’t blame yourself, either. It is the way it is, and they and you don’t need blame, but forgiveness, if anything.]

A conflicted mind sends out dual, confusing signals, and so those robotic toys will say and do annoying things. Forgive yourself and them, and that’s really like the Great ToyMaker’s robotic toys’ ‘reset button’ being pressed, and they’ll modify their words and behaviour, as you mind sends out one signal and not conflicting ones.

So, today the Great ToyMaker will ensure that certain robotic toys, looking extraordinarily lifelike, will cross your path and will show you something about yourself. They will outwardly reflect something of your inner you. Be prepared, as they’ll act just the way your thought waves ‘command’ them. Be forgiving.

And, with practice your aim is for a consistent signal to be sent and not conflicting thoughts. 

When you hear and see something untoward from the robotic toys you meet today, ask yourself what it is within you that is being reflected back and needs analysing and, perhaps, changing? And, don’t forget to ‘reset’ that encountered robotic toy by forgiving it! And, forgive yourself, too! Yes, think: robot, re-set, forgive!

[Based on an exercise by Hugh Prather in his book, A Book Of Games: A Course In Spiritual Play].

As a deep-thinker, creative person, Celt and/or Christian and/or Druid, who is concerned about a number of issues, I’d suggest trying this for today, at least. I’ll join you, in doing so, too! And, it may be best not to let on that you’re playing some kind of spiritual game to those encountered robotic toys, or even that you view them as robots! Let me know, please, what happens. If interested in this type of  spiritual game, there’s another article, based on another of Prather’s exercises here.

‘He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.’ Lao Tzu

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