Celtic Daily Thought: But At Times, Keep Your Shoes On…


…Yes, sometimes, it’s good to keep your shoes on. Aha! Having wrote, yesterday, about those dogma-shoes of restriction (of extreme religion, ‘churchianity’ or the like, or any unwelcome and unnecessary restrictions) that we wear, and which cripple us and hold us back, there are some things that are good for us.

Dogma-shoes may be ‘out’! But, protective-shoes, are definitely still ‘in’. Life can be complex, I know.

So there I was, this morning, moving some hefty paving-stones around the garden , and it was a damp and cold day. Brrrr! I had put on my ‘gardening boots’, bought some years ago and which have aged alongside me like a close friend, and they have steel toe-caps. They are not flattering. I wouldn’t win a fashion contest in them, but they are functional. And, I love them….if only because, ten minutes into moving these paving stones around the garden this morning (using a kind of paving-stone ‘walking motion’, of swivelling them to rest of alternating corners as I half-turned them – and, that sentence made sense to me, but apologies if it doesn’t really make sense)…one paving stone slipped (due to the cold and dampness in the air) and fell onto the toes on my left foot! Crash! But, toe steel-capped boots are a blessing, I’ve found. No damage done. Sometime it pays to have oh-so-unfashionable-but-restrictive shoes on, protective footwear, appropriate for the task in hand.

Having said, yesterday, to go barefoot – to remove any outmoded restrictions in our lives, perhaps sometimes, protective-boot-dogmas are needed (or progressive-boot-dogmas can be inserted there). Certainly, tangibly, that was the case today.

So there I was this afternoon, at the cottage. I met Ben for a match. Ben, who is a young-ish neighbour, and who was born in New York is physically strapping, a massive man, muscular and built-like-a-farmhand, sort of man. He’s astute, strong, full of energy, could floor Tarzan, overpower Superman and think nothing of it, and Batman wouldn’t even have time to reach for his bat-[insert here a gadget of choice], and as an amateur wrestler, Ben hardly ever loses. But, I beat him. Oh, yes, it wasn’t a technically pure match, but I beat him, fair and square. He didn’t like it. His ego was bruised,  due to my win. Did I mention I won? The match, for him, went downhill from the thirtieth minute. That was when I used my knight to take his queen, and the rest, as they say, was history. I love chess. But, if you employ a consistent strategy, a dogma-of-moves, the potential of winning is enhanced.

And now here I am typing, or is it word-processing? And, it dawned on me that there is a need for us to remove those old, restrictive dogma-shoes, that hold us back, but that’s only half the story.

There’s more!

There is a need for a framework in our lives, a belief. Call it goodly-dogma, lifestyle or relevant-faith, but it can be a force for good. Practically, steel toe-capped boots saved my poor little toes today, a good chess strategy assisted me to beat a friend at chess, and maybe a positive belief in the Good and That Which Is Bigger Than Ourselves, is needed. I’ve found that to be the case. Goodly-dogma (that enables, and I know I’m now using dogma in a different way). But, what do you think?

The last word, well almost the last word goes to Ben, – he’s the wrestler chap. Having lost the chess match – oh be still, my rejoicing ego – Ben issued a challenge for me and him to ‘hit the mats’ next time! With suitable protection and strategy in place, it occurred to me that I might just beat him at wrestling, albeit that thought only stayed with me for several seconds. But,  fortunately for me, ‘sanctified common-sense’ or lifesaving-dogma clicked in, and I politely refused. Sometimes, that which ‘restricts’ us, certainly restricts us from accepting rash challenges can be the best way forward. Sometimes, my advice is: don’t remove your protective-dogma-shoes.


3 thoughts on “Celtic Daily Thought: But At Times, Keep Your Shoes On…

    • I’m pleased you like the articles. Yes, the wrestling match offer – though as I thought about it n my minds eye seemed to go well – I quickly realised that in the physical realm outcome might be, would be different. I’m pleased you stopped by to read my blog. Blessings, Tadhg.

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