Random Thoughts From A Blue (Without The Aid Of Woad) Celt

161201-random-thoughts-celtic-thoughtRandom thoughts: It’s been one of those days. Do you have them? ‘Bitty’!

Bits of this and bits of that, and maybe, depending on your work, that is how it is at the moment. Today, has been ‘bitty’ for me, though that isn’t a complaint, as those ‘bitty’ thoughts’ led to some productive outcomes.

But, ‘bitty’ in thought and deed.

Here’s some of those random, ‘bitty’ thoughts: Firstly, I must not mention footwear in my articles, at least for the next couple of weeks, as I used footwear as a metaphor to break out of constricting dogma two days ago, only to express the virtue of some dogma and how useful it can be, yesterday.

Do not think of footwear. But, I bet you just did?

I’m an avid reader of the newspaper, and today I learned that one politician had said one things behind closed doors and another thing, blatently untrue, to the Great British public; that money being given to one needy section of public expendture isn’t  ‘new money’ at all, but had been agreed in the last budget for one area of pblic spending  was really  ‘old money’ being spoken about, again; and that taking back control of our borders – and I know it’s an emotive subject – may mean we don’t! And, that led me to suspect that the real news was being buried somewhere. And, there it was. Oh my, I didnt know that there are 250,000 homeless people in the UK, right now. That snippet of news got swamped, almost. A topic for prayer, a caim, and positive-energy-direction if there ever was one.

I’m still not mentioning footwear.

The temperature is dropping. The last few nights have been below zero (that’s zero celsuis for the few remaining quant people still using fahrenheit), and only just above zero during the day. Thankfully for some, sadly for me, it will improve over the next few days. Oh, I do like snow. Even in town, when the clouds are thick and grey with snow, and the streets and rooftoops are brilliant white, laden with snow – a topsy-turvy, paradox of the ground being ‘brighter’ than the sky – I love it. I’m even well-prepared, having brought several wooly hats, two scarves and thinsulate gloves with me, from Capel Curig. But, so far. No snow. I do love snow. Dear Clerk of the Weather: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Inspired by a friend, some thousands of miles away, I’ve taken up jogging to keep fit – well, actually to get fit(ter) and then maintain it. Whatever you do, because of my hard-earned efforts from jogging, please do not forget pantone (colour) 15-4020, otherwise known as Cerulean blue. It’s a rather nice pale blue colour, and what with evenings here falling to freezing or just below, pantone 15-4020 matches the colour my legs go, when I go jogging, well at least, initially. But, I think the jogging it paying off. I’m aiming for pantone 13-1520 by the end of the month.

I’m leading a hand-fasting event at the weekend – a bit of a formal event, and everything is prepared and I’m so excited (as are the intended couple), but um, I’ll let you into a little secret: I love formal events, but feel uneasy at the same time. Oh, don’t get me wrong, such events are ‘magical’, and the couple involved are totally in love, and I love leading such events, it’s just that, it’s just that hooded albs can be so ‘different’!

For instance, a shirt and tie is acceptable anywhere, but a hooded alb when out and about in, say, Cleethorpes High Street, is another thing. But then, such items of wearing apparrel are only for special occassions and not for Cleethorpes High Street (and no disprect to Cleethorpes); and the different ‘gear’ is different, and that’s what equally makes me feel uneasy in part, but pleased that wearing approrpriate, special clothing at such a liminal event. And, it is expected.

‘Clothing doesn’t really change a man. But it changes how others react to him.’  Brandon Sanderson

Yes, appropriate clothing for approrpriate events. And, hand-fasting ceremonies are different, are wonderful, and I can’t wait to lead it -hooded alb or no hooded alb. Items of clothing should be appropriate to the event, don’t you think?

Which brings me onto the photo used to head this article, today.

Firstly, I have to clear up any misunderstanding. I am not one of the guys in the photo. You can tell I’m not, because if I were my legs would be a rather fetching shade of pantone 15-4020 or Cerulean blue. Also, I’d be wearing more clothes – those poor guys are going to catch man-flu, if they’re not careful.

And, yes, my last random thought is: thank goodness those guys in the photo are wearing appropriate footwear, if nothing else…I mean if little else! I apologise for mentioning footwear, but I have to admit that that thought went through my mind. And maybe, the hooded alb is all part of the experience. After all, I will be more appropriately dressed for the hand-fasting event than those mountain-top guys, won’t I?

But enough about me. What about you?

And, meanwhile, please do pray for those without housing this Christmas, those in any kind of need – they need our prayers, positive-thought-energies, and even ‘bitty’ action.




5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts From A Blue (Without The Aid Of Woad) Celt

  1. I am not thinking about shoes, really, I’m not! I am, however, thinking about “liminality” and realizing I have never heard the term until I found your blog. So much to learn.


  2. Cool. I’m working on a website called Liminal People, which is ‘bubbling’ away on the ‘net but should be finished by the weekend, which will contain much more detail about liminality. Ciao.


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