Celtic Thought: Tadhg’s Relative Theory Of Time


You can save it, use it, abuse it, mark it, lose it, even kill it. One British ‘superhero’ (yes, we do have fictional superheroes, too, albeit, not the sort that wear their underwear on the outside) even travels through it in a funny blue police telephone box from yesteryear.

‘Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80. It’s not the time that matters, it’s the person.’ The Doctor, Season 3, Episode 6

It’s time! And, I have a theory about it.

There is a time, a special time, that is, there’s a time that is really special  for me. No, it’s probably not the time you’re thinking of. But, it’s fast approaching. Perhaps you have a special time, too?

I’ll give you some clues: it’s not Christmas Day that I’m thinking about right now, and it only lasts for  just a few hours.

I was going to be clever and mention chronos and kairos, both being Greek words for time; the former being the passage of time (tick-tock), and the latter being the word for opportunity (as in, ‘Oh my, if only I had the time to do that?’). But, I won’t.

For me, the evening of Christmas Eve is that (next) special time, and then only a few hours of it, and for a specific reason.

I know people who have spent and spent, and spent a fortune on Christmas gifts;  others have spent a fortune on Christmas food; some have spent a lot of time in getting just the right decor for the living room or their house-altar, pressing the Druid regalia etc, and some have have done a myriad of other things in preparation for the season. Now, none of this is necessarily wrong, and so this isn’t a rant. But, the fast approaching special time will ‘take care’ of it, in any case.

That special time is a time when: if we haven’t bought that gift for aunt Maude, then it’s too late; if the decor isn’t right then we only have a few hours left to ‘fluff’ things up, and if we haven’t got the paraphenalia that we need (be it a nativity set, a druid’s staff, or a set of lovely-smelling Yankee candles in place), then….yes, it’s too late. Yes, it’s that time of  ‘it’s too late now, lovey…but did that really matter in the first place?’ that I’m refering too.



‘The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.’ Stephen Covey

But, all that is history when that special time comes about.  And, there’s no time-travelling, blue police box involved. There’s no need!

Then, it’s too late. And then I suddenly ‘wake up’, realise that I’ve been caught up in the Christmas frenzy, and know that it’s too late, and am quietly pleased. Actually, I’m deliriously happy. I love that time. And, here, that happens at about 8pm on Christmas Eve. Shops are closed. Bus services are reduced. People are off the streets and busying themselves at home, and even city sounds seem subdued as if some kind of huge storm is approaching.

At that special time the gifts I’m going to give are wrapped, the clothes (‘civilian’ or celtic/Druid ‘spiritual’) that I’ll need have been washed and pressed, and everything else that needs to be done has been done…and if it hasn’t then ‘hey-ho’, or should that be ‘ho-ho’? Too late. It’s then too late even to participate within the commercial side of the season, but who really wants to do that?  Oh, commerce, does. Too late to buy! Too late! And, that special time is a blessing to us all, as time itself changes our priorities from ‘things’ to ‘people’; from shallow to depth; to spiritual matters, however we define that word; to perceive things from a wider, cosmic and eternal perspective.

So, I guess there is a special time, which for me is a few hours on Christmas Eve, much to the annoyance of the world of commerce, but maybe there’s a  sacred time, too. Sacred time is whenever we are being intentional and doing something wholesome.

This is the time between times.
The time between past and future.
It is all we really have.
It is all we really need!

Sacred time, then, is when we’re being intentional and doing good things, and they can take a myriad of forms.  For instance,  sacred time can be you on my doorstep holding two cups of coffee, one of which is for me.  And, if you’re not local to me, I’m sure there’s someone local to you who might welcome your company. It’s the small things that count. It’s your time that matters: intentionality and action.

You see, it’s not the coffee that counts, it’s you and your time that’s impotant. And, for that you don’t need a time-travelling blue police box. We already have the gift of time. The Source Of All has seen to that. It’s all we really need. Relatively speaking.

‘Yesterday’s the past; tomorrow’s the future; but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.’ Bill Keane

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