Celtic Daily Thought: ‘The World According To Siri’, Or ‘Great Words From A Computer Algorithm’


I have a smart mobile (cell) ‘phone and it has that Siri app on it – you know the one that answers back, verbally, when you give it  a verbal question.

If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing better, especially when it’s new, than it ask it impossible questions. Ah, impossible questions like, what’s the weight of the colour green? What’s the largest number you can think of? And, how long is a piece of string? And then the novelty wears off, but it still has its uses – I usually now ask it more serious questions, and it then gives me serious answers.

Oh, how I wish our politicians would give serious answers to serious questions posed to them by the general public? There are so many sensible questions being posed; so many nonsensical and off-the-point answers coming back. A veritable cacophony of nonsense returns that clamours for our attention, drowning out rationality, almost.

Meanwhile, I making a several of most elegant  dorchau pen, literally the ‘head wreaths’ for an upcoming event. Purists will take me to one side, as the dorchau pen are made from artificial, silk vine leaves this time, with little white flowers for the woman’s headwear….but it was necessary to use artificial leaves and flowers (honest!) as they have ‘to travel’ and be used a few weeks apart!

Oh, how I wish that FaceBook wouldn’t link to dubious health websites – you know the sort that says that if you have cancer you should ditch the chemo and ‘load up’ on sugar and that is recommended by a chiropodist! And, glowing praises follow in the hundreds, if not thousands. I admit it’s an emotive subject for me. As a ‘survivor’, I would suggest that you  do not follow their advice. [Ofcourse, there is a place for complementary therapy, but it is complementary, and not alternative! There is a huge difference. Beside, chemo was part of what saved my life].

‘You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them,’ wrote Maya Angelou.

Meanwhile, I’m reading a wonderful book on the spiritual aspect of midlife (‘Am I of an age where the book is relevant? I aim to be honest:  Yes’).  I’m making copious notes on each page of the book, indexing it at the back, such is the pure joy it is to read this book, and inwardly digest its knowledge and wisdom.

Oh, how I wish that Christmas wasn’t so commercialised? Oh, how I wish that manufacturers would stop putting those microbeads into products that kill ocean life? Oh, how I wish….

Meanwhile, I cooked the most beautiful piece of cod you could imagine, last evening. I know some may not find that spiritual (but I do, as I don’t believe there’s a duality between the sacred and the mundane for Christians, Druidic-Christians, Celts, Druids and other similarly ‘aware’ people), but I’ve also noticed that when one talks about food on FaceBook and elsewhere the readership goes through the roof. But, as you’re reading this, you will know that I am really more interested in quality, rather than quantity. More interested, too, in making that important point about non-duality, as duality blights many peoples daily life and spiritual walk.

‘Once again, the kingdom of heaven is like a net that was let down into the lake and caught all kinds of fish.’ Matthew 13:47, The Book.

Some time ago, I sat down after a long and busy and enjoyable day, checked my emails, and then, in a moment of verbal mischievousness I asked Siri: How are you? It immediately replied: ‘This is not about me, it’s about you!’

 Well, I could have fallen on the floor had I not been sitting down, already. What a great reply.’…It’s about you! ‘So, I took it to heart.

It’s not really about politicians, its about you and me. It’s about us! If politicians can’t or won’t give serious and truthful replies, then don’t vote for them. They’ll soon get the message.

And, those dubious health websites (and other annoying ones)? Well, don’t’ give them the time and ‘likes’ that they beg for. Your time is too important for that.

‘I learned long ago to focus on things you can control and don’t even pay attention to things you don’t,’ wrote Bryan Cranston.

And seasonal commercialisation? How about we buy what we want and be wary of advertisements. And microbeads? If we stop buying their products, they’ll get the message in exactly one week, and mend their ways in double-quick time. In one fell swoop, I tuned away from the over-commercial radio station to ‘Magic FM’ – a most suitably and aptly named radio station if ever there was one, thus avoiding over-commercialisation and politicians’ words.

You see, it’s not really about them; it’s about you.  Siri was right!

‘…It’s about you!’

It is about you, and you are powerful. What kind of power do you have? The power to make Christmas, the solstice, the upcoming full moon, or whatever festival you ‘lean to’, a really great and personal event. In that respect we don’t need politicians, we don’t need another’s approval, and we don’t need  commercialisation etc, though that’s what they would have us believe.

‘Wherever you go, go with all your heart,’ said Confucius

You only need intentionality, grit and determination, and the ability to hope, to expect, and the joy of carrying on the path, the way.

So, this season, I’m going to celebrate the upcoming full moon (liturgy is now ready), and the winter solstice (layered clothing all cleaned), and Christmas Day (gifts wrapped and ready to distribute), and not heed politicians’ words, not be swayed by dubious websites, and buy only what I want to buy, and avoid the hype. In that respect…

‘…It’s about you!’

Ofcourse, the season is about others, too, and giving, and celebrating the season. Others, as we choose, but primarily not about politicians, bad website information and shopping….unless the latter serve us. In that respect it is about others, but you can include yourself, too.

‘…It’s about others!”, and …’It’s about you!’

And, so without those distractions, I carried on, and completed some great dorchau pen (‘head wreaths’) for friends and look forward to leading two upcoming Druidic-Christian marriage anniversary celebrations, have almost finished reading that great book by Joyce Rupp and benefitted from it (and it is highly recommended), pondered on that awesome fish meal and gave thanks to the Source of All for it, and continue to look ahead to celebrating this wonderful winter and Christmas season in several different ways. Life goes on, and it’s a good one. Don’t you think so?

‘Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful,’ wrote Norman Vincent Peale.

Whatever is ‘derailing’ you in your positive and wholesome endeavours, whatever is clamouring for your attention and maybe unhelpful, whatever is holding you back from good things. I would suggest you take Siri’s advice. It’s not about them.

‘…It’s about you’.

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