A Story: ‘The Universe In Disguise’


I’ve been thinking of the awful crisis in the Yemen, and the disastrous effect it’s having on many in that country. So much has been destroyed, that many are sleeping rough. Many millions of people are starving – and about half a million of them are children.

I bought a £35 Christmas tree today. A most splendid specimen.

I saw an anguished dad hold his barely alive baby son in his arms, weeping. On the tv, I saw a  women – she was wearing  a veil so I couldn’t see her face, only her eyes, but it was enough. Her eyes were full of tears, her sobs barely audible, hope was almost gone. Her grief made her shake. She was desperate. Forlorn. Her plight, as she considered what was best for her baby that she gazed down upon, was obvious. She wanted the best for her baby, but the love of her life, a little helpless baby, was slipping away by the hour.

I wrapped up the last remaining presents today, ready to give to family and friends. Carefully chosen. I know they’ll love them. Perfect.

It got me thinking. So much so, that it blocked out everything that I was going to write about today. My heart was heavy seeing the plight of men and women, families with little children – exactly like you and me – suffering.

I ate a hearty meal tonight and finished it off with quality mince pies, ‘drowned’ in Baileys (whisky) cream. Delicious.

How can I sit down to a meal knowing that part of humanity if suffering, so? I know. We’re bombarded with requests for good-deed giving at this time of the year, and it’s so easy to turn away from all those requests. But…? Can we? Should we?

There is an ancient story that I like because I think it is a good parable and shocking at the same time. It goes like this:

It is said that one day all of us will appear at the Banquet at the End Of Time, a great and magnificent feast hosted by the Universe, the Source Of All. Everyone will be there: the rich and famous, the ‘lowly people’, the forgotten ones, people like us and people unlike us, people that are fine Christians, and Muslims, Hindus, and yes, even Druids, and others will be there.

As the host moved around each guest he (or she) recounted that person’s life on earth.  ‘Do you remember when you fed me?’ he (or she) asked the first person’.

‘I can’t remember feeding you, but I did feed someone in need’, they said.

‘Ah, that was me’, the Universe said and smiled.

The person smiled back, and was relieved.

The Source Of All moved onto the next person.

‘I don’t believe I saw you on earth. Had I seen you in need I would certainly have given you food’, the person said nervously, pre-emptively.

The Universe replied, ‘Oh, but you did see me. When you saw this person [and ‘out of the blue’ an image appeared, and another, and another, and a myriad more], you saw me, and yet you turned away.’ And after a pause, the Universe spoke again and said, ‘That was me in need’.

It’s not often that I urge charitable action via this website, and to highlight the plight of the Yemen is a first for me, but they are in desperate need, and I know you care. If you’re in the UK, there’s a link below that you can use to make a donation that will feed someone who might otherwise starve to death in the Yemen. If you live outside the UK, it will take less than three minutes to ‘Google’ a Yemen-appeal website in your country.

I have spare change in my pocket, amounting to about £8.How much loose change do you have?

Why should we care? Because the Source of All, in disguise, is starving. Why? Not because, one day we’ll have to face the Universe and account for our inaction and be fearful – fear, I don’t believe is a good motivator and it misses the point of that ancient story –  but because it is the human thing to do, and we  still have time. Culture, religion, status etc aside, people are in need. And, we can make a difference. Can you donate an amount? Can you also hold me accountable, so that I give, too.? Let’s motivate each other onto good things, like iron sharpens iron. Perhaps donating, the amount that you and I would spend on a meal or one day’s food? Every little helps.

I know. I know. We’re all busy, stressed! Money is tight! But, it’ll only take a few quid and a few minutes of your time.

How about donating via: http://www.dec.org.uk/appeal/yemen-crisis-appeal

The Universe smiled. ‘You cared for me when I was in disguise, dirty, unkempt, and hungry, you sought me out when I was in need, and you loved me. Now, you will be rewarded….’ he or she said. A great party started – and it continues forever – hosted by the Source of All. And, you can be part of the action. For that party starts here and now, and you’re included because the Universe is generous, like that.


4 thoughts on “A Story: ‘The Universe In Disguise’

  1. Thank you. I had become aware of what was unfolding in Yemen but didn’t know there was an appeal. I can send a little, and if we all do it might add up to alot. Can I also pass on something I was humbled to learn from a teenaged girl some years ago. Many of us will see apparently homeless people sitting on the streets of our town or city. We will feel uncomfortable, even scared (yes, I do) about approaching them or giving them money – they might not be genuine, or might use the money for alcohol or drugs! This young lass always carried a mars bar or similar in her bag when she hit the shops, just something edible to slip into an empty hand, without fuss, easy. Or you can go a bit further ..say you’re popping into costa, would they like a hot drink fetching….it might only be small things we feel able to do, but at least we cared.

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    • Exactly, Linda….that’s a good idea. For a few years I was involved with seven churches winter night shelters in London and then with the Salvation Army, and know that giving those living on the streets, food, can be a life-saver especially at this time of a year. Yes, giving as you suggested is needed, too. Thank you for sharing that. GBY.


  2. Thanks for your comments. Everything helps, though I appreciate not everyone is able to help financially. And then, prayers, good-energy and positive-thoughts sent in that direction count too. Blessings to you and yours.


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