Tadhg’s Journal: Christmas Shopping, Me, Mike Tyson, And Meditation.


Journal: Over the last few days I’ve discovered several things: I am really a mystery shopper, and Christmas shopping is a wrestling-match or boxing-match with the god of commercialism, and I realise, even more so for me now, the deep benefits of meditation.

How did this happen?

I bought something from eBay and it didn’t arrive, even though delivery was expected exactly seven days earlier. I complained. If you know me, I’m not the complaining sort. I’m quite Buddhist in my approach to life, infact….but I mean, I waited a week beyond the delivery due date! I emailed the company and said they scored one out of ten in my books (and I think that’s quite generous, as I hadn’t received the goods) and they said they’ll send the order again as they didn’t want it to affect their rating. I replied and said I’d be happier if they sent a duplicate order to keep me, the customer, happy, rather than only worry about their rating. The finer point that I was making was, I think, somehow lost. Afterwards, meditation  helped me. I’m calm.

The Master said, ‘If your conduct is determined solely by considerations of profit you will arouse great resentment.’ Confucius

I need hearing aids. I know people look at me at say, ‘Surely, you don’t need hearing aids at your age, aged 25’. That was Brit humour there. But, if I don’t have hearing aids I’d never be able to understand what’s going on when I watch the X-Files on tv. More Brit humour. Nor, would I be able to understand the machinations of UK central government policy and statements these days without my hearing aids. Umm, on that occasion I was being serious, sadly.

And, so I bought a set of hearing aids about five weeks ago – if anyone is interested, they were twice as expensive as Theresa May’s leather trousers! Very expensive! Now, one hearing aids went ‘kaput’. They promised to fix it within a week, and so I waited an extra week…but, nothing. So, I phoned them today and explained it was now two weeks after the event, and they said the audiologist was busy, but would ‘phone back. He didn’t. I phoned again, and was told the same thing. I confess, I increased my voice, but only by one decibel, to infer dissatisfaction, and said, ‘We’re all busy, and I paid a quadrillion pounds for these hearing aids’. Okay, that was hyperbole on my part. The audiologist eventually ‘phoned back. Afterwards, meditation  helped me. I’m calm.

‘To live fully, we must learn to use things and love people, and not love things and use people.’ John Powell

Serious point: And, now I know why some people are upset. True, we don’t know the difficult life circumstances they’ve been through or are going through, but neither do we know the trouble they’ve had in doing their Christmas shopping this year – it does seem more problematic than last year don’t you think? Everyone seems eager to sell, but maybe not-so-hot on delivery and after-sales service. Meditation  helped me. I’m calm.

But, please have pity on grumpy people this Christmas. Have pity on me if you see me – I might have had the (Christmas) commercial equivalent of three rounds with Mike Tyson! Meditation  helped me. I’m calm.

‘Meditation is a way for nourishing and blossoming the divinity within you.’ Amit Ray

I know you can’t rest, and need to know the conclusion of the two accounts, above. Yes, after waiting an extra week and complaining via eBay, and the company emailing me back, the item was delivered an hour later! And, after waiting an extra week, the audiologist said it had been awaiting collection in the store for a week, and apologised that no one had contacted me, as promised. Meditation, then  helped me a lot today. I’m calm. How are you faring?


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