Haiku #6: Regarding The Moon Of Ice [Ephemera].

20170209-moon-of-ice-poetryI’m fascinated by the traditional haiku – short Japanese poems consisting of three lines; and the lines containing firstly five syllables, then seven, then five; and somewhere in the haiku there is usually a seasonal reference (called a ‘kigo’), however oblique.

With the full moon, this time it’s known as the Moon of Ice [see here for details], imminent, here’s a haiku regarding that wonderful, blessed event. An event to ponder, to take time and be still. To gaze upon. To give gratitude to the Source of All. The Haiku:

Windy weather wanes.
The Spring full moon is so bright.
Look! Her smiling face.

shoe-1433925_960_720A voice from above,
‘Remove your shoes, my dear friend.
The ground is holy’.

Be still and wonder.
The Source of all is sending
Grace to all. Blessings.






2 thoughts on “Haiku #6: Regarding The Moon Of Ice [Ephemera].

  1. Elusive Goddess
    This night her dark cloak swirling
    Veiling her bright face.

    Hiding the Ice Moon,
    Clouds showering white crystals
    On nodding Snowdrops.

    Bathe my face, Lady.
    Wash away all winter ills
    With your unseen light.


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