Celtic Thought & Journal: ‘I Have No Words’

It is not often that I find myself speechless, but there are times. Such times, are times when those who should know better, act in a less-than-expected way (eg perhaps inept politicians, but this isn’t a rant. Honest), and times when, say in an argument, it’s best to say nothing, or feign that you have no words (but you certainly have the thoughts! I know, I’m not perfect). But, there are other times.

And, other times are times and places that take your breath away. See the photograph below.


This photograph taken in that ancient land of the Celts, of Druids, and Christian saints of old, underscores the amazing, wild, rugged, prodigal and beautiful creativity of the Source of All.

When words are few or absent, then it is best to just stand a stare, and appreciate the expanse that is nature; to give gratitude to the Source in absolute silence; to acknowledge how special-we-are-and-yet-how-small-we-are, and do what comes naturally….

…Standing there, I had no words…but, yes, enveloped by the ‘magic’ of that place, cocooned in its power and majesty, I could do nothing other than be overwhelmed and cry.

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