‘Oh Day Of Fire And Sun’: Poem With The Solar Eclipse In Mind

20170818 OH DAY OF FIRE AND SUN ECLIPSE POEMNext Monday, 21 August 2017 there is a (very) partial solar eclipse from the UK’s aspect, as the moon moves across the face of the sun, and a total eclipse takes place for several states in the USA. With the sun and that eclipse in mind, here’s a poem to celebrate the event.

Oh day of fire and sun,
pure as a naked flame.
Your golden light came
down smiting me with eternity.

The night is now gone; shadows have fled away,
and we know most sure that it is day.
And yet, mysteriously, the darkness falls
as a feather wafted from an eagle in flight,
as the moon succeeds the sun.
For a while, the sun eclipsed. Twilight.

The sun is our Lord and father.
The bright face of the gate of day.
Let’s celebrate this Sun of Righteousness
for light and life he brings in his sway.
And so we will be glad and exult in You, oh yes!

May the sun shine brightly each day,
warming us deeply in our soul.
And, with promises sure, it is so.
For, we are the all one, all the children of the Sun.
That’s all we really need to know.

The poem is a ‘found poem’. That is, rather like a paper collage but it uses words, lines or phrases from other sources, other existing poetry, fusing them together, making minor alterations here and there, to make something new, different and original. For the sources for this poem, see below:

Lines 1, 2 Sarah Teasdale; Lines 3, 4 Sri Aurobindo; Lines 5, 6 John Bunyan; Lines 7, 8 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; Line 9 Robert Louis Stevenson; Line 10 – ; Lines 11, 12 Reel Around The Sun (Poem), Riverdance; Lines 13, 14 Christmas Carol based on Malach ch4v2, The Book; Line 15 Psalm 9v2, The Book; Lines 16, 17 Ermestine Northover; Line 18 -; Lines 19, 20 Tinie Tempah.

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