Deep Calls To Deep: Iona Pilgrimage 2017: The Plan

20170913 IONA PILGRIMAGE PLANPeriodically, it is right, I believe to take stock of where we are, where we’ve ‘come from’ and where we’re headed, and where we would like to head to, where we feel called.

It seems an age away, when I last visited the isle of Iona, off the Scottish rugged and wild west coast. Infact it was twenty-eight years ago to the month. Then, in my mid-thirties and with umpteen years of informal study, theological practice and experience under my belt, I stepped out of seminary, after a three year period of formal study. [Tadhg’s Journal: 1989]

Quote: ‘Too often we don’t trust our own deepest truth; it makes us feel too vulnerable or it seems incongruous with the person we think we are or must be.’  Emily Hanlon

And, right now, with various significant things that have happened this year, and a number of major decisions ahead, I need to return to the beginning, to where it all began in earnest for me.

Twenty eight years ago I was on the isle of Iona. Just south-west of the island’s centre is a path that leads westward. It leads to the seashore, but just before you get there, there is a small hill. The hill has two names. Some know it as Sithean, the Fairy Mound, others know it as Cnoc nana Aingeal, the Hill of Angels.

It was in AD563 that columcille, also know as St Columba, sailed from Ireland and settled on Iona, founded the Abbey on eastern part of that island, and from there (officially) set out to evangelise the Pictish tribes (of what is now Sctoland) and the rest of the country.

And so I sat on the top of the hill and pondered. To me, this place is Sithean. It was humbling. Humbling to know that 1426 years ago, that Columcille had sat or stood here, on this very spot – and according to Adomnán, Columcille was seen meeting with angels.

There is a power here.

I know that we don’t need to travel to far off places to encounter, that we can encounter wherever we are, and can even encounter using our imagination, our mind’s eyes or what some call our vision-eye. But, at this time, this place assisted me.

There is a peacefulness about the island, a ruggedness, and yet in the wind one can hear the soul of the island, or is it angels or the fae?

And as I sat there, I lay back, half closed my eyes, and rested. It ‘felt’ as if a ‘thin place’, a liminal-door had opened. In the distance, when the wind changed it sounded like children playing. Then the wind blew from another direction and the sound was lost, and then it was, again, ushered along with the breeze. I could hear the sound of children in the distance, high-pitched laughing and giggling. Playing? I immediately opened my eyes, sat up and looked around. No laughing. No children could be seen. There was just the silence. Silence, apart from the low ‘murmur’ of the continual wind blowing from the sea.

Wherever we are, we are encouraged to expect the unexpected. There is a story from ancient times, of a man sitting at his tent door. In the heat, desert heat, of the day, he looked over at the oak trees of Mamre. Suddenly, he saw three men standing there. He was gracious to them and offered them food. It is said that these three men were infact angels, and some believe that the man had, infact, encountered The Source Of All.

Expect the unexpected.

I lay back, again. Half closed my eyes. Some minutes later the sound of children laughing was back, but this time I remained still. It grew louder. And then suddenly the giggling sound, subdued but distinct, was all around me. I was bathed in innocent laughter. I remained there, not moving a muscle, enjoying the experience – knowing there was nothing I could do to enhance the experience. It was a sacred time, a sacred place. I just enjoyed it. So much so, that after many, many minutes I couldn’t help but fall into a light sleep.

I woke up about half an hour later. The was no sound, except for the howling wind. It had started to rain.

But, this is Scotland and I had come prepared. The rain was fine, but constant. Typical for this area. The Scots call it dreich (pronounced ‘dree-ch’. The ‘ch’ sound is like that in loch. It’s not a ‘k’ sound, but a guttural sound as if you’re clearing you throat).

I walked back to were I was staying, and pondered further my experience at Sithean, the Fairy Mound, or Cnoc nana Aingeal, the Hill of Angels, and that encounter

That evening, I considered the reason I was here.

It is good to draw away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and if that means not going to a remote area like Iona, then perhaps a change of habit and a relocation of a few miles for a couple of days. But, then there’s always the imagination.

I sat there, pondering. As I gazed at the horizon the word reverence sprang to mind. John O’Donohue wrote: ‘Our world seems to have lost all sense of reverence…Ultimately, reverence is respect before mystery…Reverence is also physical – a dignified attention of body showing that [the] sacred is already here.’

Having finished theological studies, it was time to embark on further studies and a ministry centred on Christian Celtic, and then later, Druidic theology, but inclusively. In a way that would draw alongside all people, to share and to learn as iron sharpens iron, and to know them as friends. A fledgling ministry in serving The Way, that would grow, was my Iona prayer, then.

And so it started, twenty-eight years ago. And now with major changes ahead, I plan to go back to Iona, and to Sithean in the next few weeks. It will be a time of return, re-energising, and renewal for me. A time to decide the future of this ministry as vows need to be re-made, tasks finish but new ones approach, and a time to decide whether to write as I do here or write and lead workshops, and more. Good challenges ahead.

In your heart and mind’s eye, your vision-eye, in your imagination, I want to invite you to join me when I embark on my journey to Iona, and will write daily. It will be a time of return, re-energising, and renewal for me. And, hopefully for you, too.

Quote: ‘Life is a journey. When we stop, things don’t go right.’ Pope Francis

However,  articles continue as normal, and your company is always sought now, and even more so on the planned Iona pilgrimage.

Blessings, Tadhg.


8 thoughts on “Deep Calls To Deep: Iona Pilgrimage 2017: The Plan

  1. Iona has been a place of inspiration, consolation and refuge in equal measure for the last 35 years; a place where I could come face to face with my TRUE self and experience the JOY of BE-ing truly Human. I am also Blessed to live in Glasgow where I am able to express the Sacred Celtic Rule of Hospitality and welcome any Pilgrims on their way to the Blessed Isle. Door and Heart OPEN…and kettle on. Aho!… Maggi…Grandmother of the Burning Hearth .

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    • Many thanks, Maggi, for reading the post,and for your comments. You are blessed to live where you live ad practice hospitality, as are those who visit – a true circle of mutual blessing. Blessings to you and yours, Tadhg.


  2. Dear Tadhg Compelling to read your article about your forthcoming Iona trip. I shall look forward to reading about your thoughts, feelings and experiences. May I tell you about mine……….I have visited Iona three times in the last 5 years and I am always so sad at having to say goodbye and leave. You see for me, I know it is my spiritual home. I have known this since the first moment the soles of my shoes touched the island’s shore. I experienced such a wave of electricity that passed through my body. During my short stay, I felt guided, my mind and spirit opened up to such a degree, a sense of profound peace came over me, that stayed with me so intensely for three weeks after I left, I felt that I was floating on air. With each visit that I make, I am left with a such a longing and feeling of a need to return, as soon as I can. It is like a hunger I cannot satisfy, or a thirst I cannot quench. I am immensely thankful to have found a place like this on earth, so greatful am I, to be able to go and charge up my batteries, in fact I cannot remember a time before Iona, so greatly has it affected my life. Wishing you a happy trip, lightness and light best wishes Dawn

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    • Many thanks, Dawn, for reading the article and for your comment,for sharing your strong spiritual experiences of Iona. Thank you for your well-wishes. Many blessings, Tadhg.


  3. great; travelling with you in spirit, tadhg! i know iona, and the place you describe. its incredibly special. *annie*

    On Thu, Sep 14, 2017 at 10:58 AM, Tadhg Talks… wrote:

    > Tadhg posted: “Periodically, it is right, I believe to take stock of where > we are, where we’ve ‘come from’ and where we’re headed, and where we would > like to head to, where we feel called. It seems an age away, when I last > visited the isle of Iona, off the Scottish rugg” >

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    • Thank you for reading the article and for your comment. I’m sure it will be an interesting time for me, and I can’t wait to write from there, daily. Many blessings, Tadhg.


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