‘Thin Places’ In The City: Poem


Atop a high mountain or in the dark valley below,
in the corner of your room,
or in the hustle and bustle of the busy city centre,
may you find a ‘thin place’.

It is a place, or time, or event so unique, so full of wonder, so sublime.
A place where Heaven and earth collide,
and the diaphanous veil of separation is unusually thin.
A time where you can almost feel angelic wings beat against your cheeks,
and see the Divine smile shining through.
An event where your heartbeat quickens,
and you experience the mystery of the Other in the ‘mundane’.

A ‘thin place’ is a threshold, a limen, a holy bridge,
a door to the Throne Room, slightly opened.
It is a moment in time and space,
in which we can dwell, and dance, and move, if aware.

A ‘thin place’ is an encouragement, a sacred invitation to draw near,
to approach barefoot, in humility, in reverence and awe.
It is both seen and unseen.
Invisible we see you!

May you, in the wilderness of the countryside, or the city,
find a ‘thin place’ today, and be blessed.


4 thoughts on “‘Thin Places’ In The City: Poem

  1. Indeed! It’s easy to think you have to go to some famous sacred site, when in fact Spirit may be reaching out to you in your own back yard. (Though there are some ‘special’ places too that can touch many people. Looking forward to hearing about your pilgrimage to Iona.)

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    • You’re right, Linda. We can and do encounter the Spirit wherever we are – invisible luminous life-giving web spreads out, and it’s ubiquitous. But, youre also right….sometimes, and probably for out own benefit, it’s right to physically go to a place.. Thank you for your comments – always appreciated and always uplifting. Take care, and pleas keep in touch. Blessings and the Loving-Presence encompass you and yours now,and always, Tadhg.


  2. Thank you for your kind and uplifting words, Cynthia. We all fall into that ‘trap’ of not percieving the holy in the ‘mundane’…but knowing that trap means we know how to renew our effort to ‘see’ beyond and enjoy the moment (without ‘beating ourselves up’ for not seeing). Many blessings to you and yours.Tadhg.


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