Iona: Deep Calls To Deep: 1

Reflection on Day 1: 7 October 2017. Today I drove from London to where I stayed overnight, to a Travelodge in Burton in the Lake District. I have to admit although I get some of my deepest thought during long car rides, the motorways of the UK, and maybe other places, too, are not generalLy the most inspiring if you go by eyesight perception.

And yet…

And Travelodges? The good thing about them is you know what to expect. The not-so-good thing is you know what to expect. There are no surprises.

And yet…

And yes, you may have noticed a bare-bones approach to this article. It seems I was too confident in planning to install the usual photo and appropriate banner head for each day, but I am hoping the text will make up for loss of picture.

And yet…

In all of this, the journey so far has been good. I mentioned about having some of my best thoughts on long drives, and this thought just wouldn’t leave me, yesterday. Apart from,the fact that in a metaphorical, and yes, in a deeper and more profound way you are all with me on this journey, the thought about ‘heading to’ and ‘heading away’ wouldn’t leave me.

As regards what I, what we, are ‘heading to’? That is a mystery and something to be enjoyed and fascinated by in equal measure. The thought ‘heading away’ was easier as I drove along the motorway. Each mile put more distance between my starting point and my present position, and the place names became more unfamiliar, even the air temperature dropped, and some people here have the strangest of accents – as if I don’t, to them!

And yet…

It was definitely a ‘heading away’ day. On this pilgrimage it seems that what lay ahead is deepened, may only take place, if there is a shedding! And, yesterday was that kind of day. Not all things, but cumbersome things that were holding me back were being shed. Today, I think it will be more of the same.

When a snake sheds its skin it’s because new skin has grown underneath, because it has own grown its former bodily skin. Maybe, in some cases we are the same. Somethings, not all, but somethings that are holding us back, however painfil it is, must be shed…to make way for the new, the stage we find ourselves in, for the next step on our ever-changing level of maturity, the make way for the mysterious, and for the Mystery.

Tomorrow will be another day of shedding as I journey onward and encounter Scotland in all its glory. Photographs soon.

Blessings, Tadhg

13 thoughts on “Iona: Deep Calls To Deep: 1

  1. Often use travelodge. Means we can actually afford to go places and …you know what to expect! Not having to worry about beds & showers you can free your mind for other things. At other times, a really nice hotel with good food in beautiful surroundings can ‘be the thing’.

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    • Linda, you’re right…..and that’s where I’m now. Forever the same, but affordable and this pilgrimage wouldn’t have t been possible without them. Blessings to you and yours, Tadhg.


  2. Your thoughts about “heading to” and “heading away” make me think of a spiral, rather than a straight line (or highway). One that sort of bobs up and down – the old “two steps forward, one step back.” That’s how many of my journeys have been; and it’s really not a bad thing at all! Within the adventure forward, there’s a pause to reflect backward, then it has a place to come all together in the present. And don’t worry about not posting photos. Your “word pictures” do very nicely! Blessings to you as you continue!

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    • I like your metaphor for life. I’ve always thought of it as both ‘linear’ and ‘circular’, and when I put them together I get a slinky, but a spiral works just as well. Thank you for your encouraging words. Blessings to you and yours, Tadhg.


  3. I too am staying in the Lake District after journeying from Kernow. We are here to visit Helen’s family who are ageing. Shedding skins describes it very well. There have been painful interludes. The next stage of your drive may bring further inspiration from crossing borders and a sea and into the arms of the Saint. Safe journey. Brother Michael

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    • Many thanks for sharing that. I hope your visit to the Helen’s family and the Lake District is a goo one. Many thanks for commenting and your well-wishes. Many blessings to you and yours, Tadhg.


  4. Tadhg, today’s message from you could not be more timely. I am currently in Alberta and on the 7th we committed Murray’s cremains to the earth with his father. You have been with me on part of my journey and I can’t believe the words you shared today are so in synch with what the day brought for me, his friends and family. As his urn was lowered, the sun came out from behind cold, ominous clouds for just a minute or two, long enough to warm us and make us feel that he was happy with what we were doing. I do feel like a snake shedding it’s skin. This leg of our journey will give me closure and peace. God bless you for giving me this message of hope.

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    • Hi Kerry, I’m pleased it ‘spoke ‘ to you, Thankyou for sharing your journey, here and before, about Murray and his cremains. Please do keep in touch by commenting elsewhere or emailing me at:

      Many blessings, light and love, Tadhg.


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