Iona: Deep Calls To Deep: 4

Reflection: 11 October 2017. Today, with the weather was mild for a small island, but still cloudy, overcast and with that sea-breeze ever-blowing, and being suitably kitted out I headed , this morning, to the Machair. The Machair (which means ‘raised beach’ and pronounced ‘makker’) is about an eight minute walk from where I’m currently staying, and it is an awesome place.

I wanted nature raw and wild, journeyed to encounter, and sought to bathe myself in the spiritual, and this area is suffused with it all, and more. As I walked along the beach, with the waves crashing into some mighty rocks with a thunderous noise, the wind howling like a moan, constant and ‘bracing’ it is easy, it seems, to forget ‘modern ways’, and that’s exactly what I wanted to do. The island is a liminal spot on the map, a threshold between Here and There, and though the natural forces of physics still apply, there is the perception and awareness of a murmor, a whisper, an energy of something deeper at work. Could it be that this is always the case wherever we are, but that our awareness changes, and in such a ‘thin place’ as this awareness is heightened?

Here, I found nature raw and wild, encountered the Source, and was bathed in deep spirituality – or rather , it found me. I say it, because I can’t use he or she to describe it, but what is here (and where you are) is ‘personal’ and goes far beyond our imagination and limiting words. The sea roared and I felt power. The wind howled and it was as if I could hear the voices and joyous songs of those who had gone before – Celts, Christian, Druids and others. This is aptly named ‘the Isle of Druids”. ‘All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well,’ said the Lady Julian, one of my favourite mystics, and here, right now, away from,the ‘hub-bub’ of ‘modern life’ another voice can be heard saying the same. This  Voice is all-powerful, it is Love, and it is encapsulates all that we are and more – us, the good times, the not-so-good times, it embraces everything and makes something wonderful out of it all. All things really do work to the good.

I walked for hours, thinking, meditating and just ‘resting’ in that place ‘…beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing…’ said Rumi, ‘I will meet you there….’. And, at this place, the Machair, you (reading this) were with me, but there’s more. It was as if time meant nothing, and those that had gone before us (and perhaps those yet to be born into our families) were here in this place, altogether, in this liminal space, this ‘thin-place’. Yes!

Whatever the speed of our lives, whatever events are taking place, the ‘tune’ of the modern world may be one that we need to listen to, to operate in our workplaces and in the ‘modern’ world, but wherever we are, there is another ‘tune’. Rather, it is the muted drumbeat of Life itself, that, if we pause, listen intently, meditate, we can still hear it and heed its calling. The Voice speaks still in a myriad of ways, whatever name we give it. The Voice speaks and mentions you by name, fellow pilgrim, and truly deep calls to deep.

6 thoughts on “Iona: Deep Calls To Deep: 4

  1. Listening for the “muted drumbeat” in this cacophony of fearful rhetoric here in the U.S. is a challenge. I will try to remember your lovely “word-picture” and meditate on the fact that seeking the reality that lies beneath the din is, indeed, a pilgrimage itself. Your blessings seem to be our blessings – and I pray for God’s presence to enfold you as you continue your journey.

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    • Thankyou for your comment, Cynthia. The twenty-first century din and neon lights try to ‘crowd out’ the original drumbeat, the Voice, but for you and others like you, the Voice can always be heard. A drumbeat, or a heartbeat away. Many blessings, Tadhg.

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  2. Wonderful to hear the voices of the ancestors and the spirits of the land. They are always with us as is the Spirit of all life, but sometimes we need times like these to de-tox ourselves of the othervoices, outside & within. Wild nature is great at doing this for us. Blessings. /l\

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