Skye: Deep Calls To Deep: 7

Today, 15 October, was my last full day on Skye, and tomorrow I start the two-day journey back home. In all of this I have been moved by the energy, light and love, the presence of the ancestors, of angels and fae, and That Which Is Larger Than Us. Iona and Skye a two very different, but two equally, very ‘thin places’.

Today I just walked. There was no schedule or agenda. And as I walked the thought of rhythms came to me. We, each move at a different pace, to a different rhythm or tune, but what a wonderful symphony we make when we all come together. Not all can be flautists, not all can be percussionists, but though these are metaphors of our individuality, we can be what we are meant to be – whatever that is. 

There is a different rhythm on this Isle of Skye to the Isle of Iona, and it will be different to,the rhythm you and I experience where we are, right now. But that’s to be expected. And there is nothing wrong, and no difficiency experienced so long as we are aware that the rhythm we move to in our daily life is just one of many available to us. Depending how,you view it, there is our mechanistic rhythm as we work, but,  you are more. There is the natural rhythm of nature which beckons is (in trees and flowers, sunsets and the seasons), and there is the rhythm of,the body, the soul, the spirit, and the Spirit. And, perhaps all these are many  facets of one Immortal Diamond.

I’ve been aware of the energy, light and love, the presence of the ancestors, of angels and fae, and That Which Is Larger Than Us on this pilgrimage. And I hope you have, too, because you have been with me on,this journey. And it still goes on in your dreams I.

I start my journey back tomorrow, amd will have a couple days to ‘acclimatise’ and will the re-start writing articles most weekdays. Over the next few weeks some of those articles will ‘unpack’ some experiences I had on those two wonderfully ‘thin places’, amd I will include more photographs – Iona’s internet connection wasn’t quite up to speed for photographs. And also, over the next few weeks I’ll outline and start some of events, websites, workshops etc, thst were on my mind before the pilgrimage and were confirmed. At the very end of this article I want to share with you, that you were with me and were very much on that pilgrimage as I was, and our wonderful journey together, goes on and on and on….

Blessings from Iona, that Isle of Druids, and light and love from Skye be yours, Tadhg

PS: Next article will be Thursday.

12 thoughts on “Skye: Deep Calls To Deep: 7

    • You’re most welcome, Landon. I was aware of you and many, there in spirit, with me. It is that sort of place. Absolutely wonderfully ‘thin’ there. Blessings, Tadhg.


  1. I wish a safe journey back home tomorrow with a more gentle wind than we experienced coming back to Kernow today. The physics is impressive but knowing the spirit was there too was comforting and as always I felt total trust. Blessings Kernow Corvid

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    • You’re most welcome, Cynthia. I could sense you and many with me. Iona is that kind of magical place. Anything can happen on Iona and the other ‘thin place’ islands. Blessings to you and yours, Tadhg.


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