A Storm Is Headed Our Way: Tadhg’s Journal

20171207 Storms And Us

A Storm is heading our way. Storm Caroline is battering Britain, and the ferry services between Oban and the Isle of Mull, and Mull to Iona have been suspended. Radio bulletin

One of the things I like about London is the museums and art galleries, and cafes, and the exhibitions it hosts, and especially the Festival of Mind, Body and Spirit. So many stands, and so many wise and wonderful people, and not a wrinkle in sight (on many of the exhibitors). I have a confession: I avoid those who have ‘answers’ and yet have no wrinkles and scars. It’s just me, perhaps, but I wonder what they have in common with me. I mean, their life is so blessed and worry-free?

When I’m staying in London there are a number of churches (and I’m not anti-church, as they are great institutions) that are nearby. But, I find it difficult to join in with many of them, as they all seem to have problem-free lives, and that bears little resemblance to my life at the moment.

Ah, when I was younger, I used to love reading those Superman comics (and I even had a deal with the local shop: if I bought three comics, read them and returned them in mint condition, then I could have a fourth one, free of charge!). Supeman, then was ‘immune’ to any kind of injury and you always knew he would triumph. And, even at that young age I realised that he had little in common with me.

Here is my confession, yes, another confession in just the space of a moment or two: I am not immune to the ‘storms’ of life. In my relatively short life I have been a single-parent family and am immensely proud of my two sons, have been a cancer patient and subsequent survivor by the grace of God (working through the wonderful NHS in the UK), a thyroid patient, had a year-long dreadful reaction to precscribed medicine and got through it, fell down and cracked two ribs a couple of years ago and healed, and now I’m facing a ‘storm’ over the administration of my late-Dad’s house, when it could have gone so well but for ‘forces’ beyond my control. It is tough going, and there are no easy answers.

I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship. Louisa May Alcott

It’s for that reason that I like stands at the Festival of Mind, Body and Spirit with ‘real’ people on them, people with wrinkles or scars, or a ‘tough’ life-story to tell. I love genuine people. People, who like me, have and are facing life-storms. I like churches where I know the people admit their flaws and still have hope. Authentic people. Wonderful. And I like that story, where the Source of All, who was perfect, took on the shell of humanity and even though perfect died a messy death (and overcame it, demonstrably). Life, seemingly snuffed out, comes back more ‘alive’ than before. Love wins.

And it’s one reason I like those who call themselves Druid. In latter days it used to take forty years to become a Druid, and so feasibly you would never meet a Druid or Druidic leader under the age of about 60. They would have lived life to the full, known a few ‘storm’s and have a few wrinkles on their countenenace. Awesome. Ofcourse, for many groups it doesnt take forty years now, but I ‘warm’ more with older Druids in leadership because of their experiences

‘Storms make the oak grow deeper roots’. George Herbert

It has been said our response to challenges and negativty can go one of two ways: make us better or bitter. In my current stortm – and I cannot tell you how excruciatingly emotional and draining it is – I am choosing to use the painful experience to be better. This ‘storm’ is temporary. It won’t last. It will not bring me down to respond negatvily. I choose to learn from it. And, it is teaching me that I am surrounded by a myriad of supportive family and friends, and that is an amazing comfort.

‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.’ Vivian Greene

Perception is important. I might look at the ‘externals’ only, and I see painful events. But, I know I need to read what I have written here previously, and look deeper. For then, whether I can see it or not, or experience it or not, I know that things are not what they seem, and good is coming out of this. Love prevails.

‘Storm Caroline will last approximately 48 hours and move eastward’. Radio broadcast.

If you’re going through a ‘storm’ now, I wish I could wave a magic wand and rectify things. But, I am with you dear bother/sister for this journey albeit rough right now, and though we might weep now, we will laugh together tomorrow and through eternity. And, we have the Companion with us. Something now, somehow, is being wrought out of the present ‘storm’.

Meanwhile, there are no easy answers. Perhaps, there aren’t meant to be any easy answers, but that we are changed for the better (whether we know it or not) in the process, and there will be a time (perhaps in the next realm) where it will all make sense. Love prevails.

‘And the one sitting on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new!” Revelation 21:5, The Book


11 thoughts on “A Storm Is Headed Our Way: Tadhg’s Journal

  1. Today, you take me to “Treasure Island”. Remember the paper with the dreaded black spot; do I clear a table, pull out my sword, and have it out till buckets of blood splash across the floor; or hide in the rum barrel? Max Lucado had an idea that that perhaps you let Christ do it all and sit and rest. Not the man’s man way! Love you brother and continually lifted up to the scars of not always right (I would also love to learn from the druid) They seem to ask- “Is that all there is?”

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  2. Hold fast dear Brother…. your talks carried me through my own storm in recent weeks… and I now see plain-sailing ahead. But nothing is more constant than change and, as I enter my 75th curcuit of the sun, I am learning, at last, to go with the flow. It’s been a sair fecht though!
    Love and Laughter…. and deep JOY in Abundance… Maggi 💜

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    • Thank you for your encouraging words, Maggi. Your words reminded me of one of my favourite story is about Benaiah….which concludes with the amazing words, ‘…this too shall change.’ Bless you, Tadhg.


  3. Thank you for being so vulnerable and transparent with your readers. There is no shame in the storms of life although we are often ashamed of some of our situations (without cause). This is a trial, not of your own making, and therefore to be counted as joy. I’m sure it takes a lifetime to learn HOW to make that a reality. However, there is no hurt like the ones family can lay upon us because they are closest to us and we know it should not be so. Linda’s post speaks beautifully – to me as well in my storm – that deep within us there is a still centre of peace. May deep call unto deep as you reach for that sweet spot and find rest there. Sending many continual prayers and love from the States.


    • Thank you Cathee for reading this, and for your wise, kind words. You’re right about that still-point, deep within us, always there, ever present and accessible. Thank you for commenting. And, thank you also for your prayers and love. Blessings, light and love be to you and yours, Tadhg


  4. Thanks Tadhg for sharing your life so openly. We all have good and bad days and difficult experiences. How we handle what we go through is what really matters. As you said, it will make you or break you. Love you and your transparency my brother .God bless you.


    • Thank you, for your words of encouragement. It is so uplifting to know of all the well-wishes and blessings we can and do share with each other, around the globe. Thank you, dear brother. Blessings to you and yours, Tadhg.


  5. I didn’t have time to read this the other day when you published it. Today, on the first anniversary of my husband’s passing, I read it and it gave me great comfort. Thank you and bless you!


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