The Web Of Time And You: Eyes Wide Open

20180504 THE WEB OF TIME AND YOU EYES WIDE OPENI’m back home in north Wales, and the weather at this time of day…is fresh!

Throughout my life a lot has happened, and still sometimes happens, at Drws i fyd arall (pronounced ‘droo zi fid arrah’), a rather  special and mystical part of a nearby forest. As children, I and my friends had called two arched trees in that forest, a short distance from our homes, Drws i fyd arall which means ‘door to another world’.

Such was the imagination of us as children, and an indication of the games we used to play and the effect of children’s tv sci-fi at the time. We would spend hours in play having walked between those two arched trees imagining we were somewhere else, and probably as many hours just sitting on felled logs gazing at the two trees pondering and talking with each other about what we would find if we went between them. We all had vivid imaginations as children, and we loved that area.

And, here I am, now, years later, some would say only a little bit more mature (yes, my inner-child, is alive and well), sitting on a felled log in the very early morning mist, looking at, somewhat larger versions of, Drws i fyd arall. Time flies.

In a previous article we looked at the interconnectedness of space, and that invisible, luminous web which binds us all, indeed binds everything, together, recently. The benefits of that, is that we are never alone– see here.

And now it’s the turn of time.

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.
Albert Einstein

If the invisible, luminous web connects everything spatially , then what of time?

Some, and it is a modern thought, believe that time is linear, a straight line. In that scenario, the past might be seen as behind us, and the future in front of us. The present is, ofcourse, where we stand.

But, here’s a thought: suppose time is circular.

We know the seasons are governed by the movement of the Earth around the sun (a huge circle) and by the regular tilt of the turning planet on its axis. All regular, all circular, all periodic. And, the moon, too, moves around the Earth in a circle. Animals and insects procreate, live and die in cycles, circles. Trees too, as governed by the cycle of the seasons. Wherever we look, in the physical realm, circles seem to predominate. And in the spiritual, too.

The appearance of the wheels and their workmanship was like sparkling beryl, and all four of them had the same form, their appearance and workmanship being as if one wheel were within another. Ezekiel 1.16, The Book

And, personal experience seems to infer time moves in a circle as we navigate it. I can think of instances where, months or years later, events seem to have repeated themselves. Is that the same for you? Why, then time would be a great circle that we move around, rather than a straight line. I like the idea of time as a circle.

But, maybe time is a complex circle. Things seem to repeat themselves in my life, but there is always a slight twist, a slight difference, something has changed. Not quite the same, but similar. Is that the same for you?

‘Like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending or beginning
On an ever-spinning reel’.

Dusty Springfield, The Windmills Of Your Mind

Then, maybe time is circular but there is some ‘movement’ or progression that allows the difference, so that time more resembles that toy, the coil spring-like toy that ‘walks’ down stairs – a slinky – see the banner photo. And, then that too is only a simplification. Perhaps time more resembles a three (or four) dimensional web (or slinky) that ‘shoots out’ in all directions of time and eternity, and we’re at one point or node now, and tomorrow we’ll be at a different juncture.

As I sit on his log in with the early morning mist billowing around me, I quite like the idea of time as a multi-dimensional web, because it declares time to be interconnected and purposeful, connected with us, indeed with everything, and that there is a Divine Plan.

If today, it is a tough day for you, then tomorrow as time ‘moves on’ around that circle and there’s a ‘forward progression’ in some direction, then things may be different for you. Everything changes from our viewpoint of time. Everything is as it is from that time-web point of view, and it’s good.

Also, if that time-web reaches out in all directions, then maybe our energy, well-wishes, prayers and good-thoughts can ‘travel’ that time-web in all directions? Why, from our perspective in time – where we believe the past is unchangeable and the future unwritten (or written but not knowable yet) – perhaps we can affect not only the present, but the past and future, too. Could it be that your energy, well-wishes, prayers and good-thoughts can ‘travel’ back in time from our perspective?

Time does not change us. It just unfolds us.
Max Frisch

If you are sending energy etc or praying for someone’s health today and they call on their mobile, for example, to say that they started feeling better yesterday, who is to say that your current sent-energy or prayer didn’t have a retrospective effect. I cannot but believe that the Source of All, who is both ‘in’ time and ‘outside’ time, cannot effect a change  borne on the intentionality,  energy and prayer that you, say, ‘sent’ the day (or some time) after. And, perhaps past thoughts and energy can travel from the past into the present. What about the obtaining and understanding of mythic stories?

Never underestimate the effectiveness of intentionality, energy, light and love, prayers for others, in time.

‘For the present is the point at which time touches eternity.’
C.S. Lewis

This is quite a thought and some will dismiss that idea, and I am prepared to ponder upon the idea that maybe the ‘magic’ and mystery at Drws i fyd arall is affecting me, or perhaps it’s an ‘echo’ of some kind from childhood that has been re-ignited in this place, or perhaps it is the whisper to you and I from an angel, an elemental or a genii loci, but if so, does it make it any less true?

‘We have to stop and be humble enough to understand that there is something called mystery.’ Paulo Coelho


12 thoughts on “The Web Of Time And You: Eyes Wide Open


    Forever seems so far,
    and yet it is only ever ahead.
    Its bridge, the days that turn,
    one on to the next.

    Eternity is round.
    We don’t travel for it to be found.
    We live within its midst.
    Held ahead, and behind.

    When I wish for you eternity,
    I ask for what you have.
    I pray that you would know your place,
    as more than a point in time.

    Forever is not a length of string.
    Its broader and deeper than we imagine.
    When we find the source of life,
    we turn with it where we’re standing.

    Ana Lisa de Jong
    Living Tree Poetry
    May 2017

    “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”
    Revelation 22:13

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  2. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts expressed so eloquently Tadhg. My heart says Namaste to yours through the mystical web of time and space 🙏


  3. And… suppose further even than time being in circles, it is in fact a spiral… but a spiral that is in effect it’s own beginning & end, which for all intent and purposes means that it HAS no beginning & no end. Suppose still further that this spiral is not static, but continuously moving within itself AND without itself, with an exceptionally faultless flow of energy along it’s length (& breadth), with that same energy being at a peak state all along it’s ‘length’ ie. ALL of it vibrates if not exactly the same, then at the least symbiotically…. though quite probably at the occurrence of certain vibrations, yes… simultaneously at the EXACT peak state. This then is a time continuum that is endlessly in motion, endlessly renewing – both itself & events borne from it, & capable, in fact almost certainly acting as an imperative, to produce total flares of energy across its entirety at points which are intrinsically encoded or ‘scripted’ within it’s own being. Furthermore, let’s say that as, at least in our world, perfect does not seem to exist, this may also be true for time itself, though exactly how that would exhibit itself upon the body of the time inner outer spiral is pure conjecture.
    But an instinctual guess might be the occasional touching (& sparking if you will. Though that really is too literal) of these spirallectic energies impacting very briefly on their inward outward flows…. possibly easier to draw than describe. When one starts to envisage time this way…. & particularly if one is familiar with chakra centres & consults the solar plexial &/or third eye chakras & indeed the crown chakra, it is possible one can feel a subtle synchronicity of energy between the energies we carry, & the pace & ‘movement’ of the time spiral itself. Which in its turn may then lead us to FEEL the potential truth of such a time ‘model’. It is worth noting too perhaps, that the standard idea of time as linear is a very much man-made proposition & that NATURE almost entirely is seen to prolifiate itsrlf in more feminine (if you will) shapes & devotions. So that a spiral ‘feels’ more intrinsically right than a line.


  4. This was SO interesting! I’ve actually thought about this before …but not as clearly as you stated it here. Especially in regard to prayer. As a young person, I pictured this giant scroll with each person’s life and times were listed from beginning to end. God was bending over it with rapt attention, making notes on everyone’s “line” where prayers had been offered. Since God could see to the end of everybody’s scroll, God would go back to the event and make a “mark” so that no prayer went unappreciated. EXTREMELY simplistic, but sort of comforting in a way!


    • Many thanks for your kind words. I very much like the ‘picture’ of that scroll, and your idea of that time-line. I do believe that we’re given glimpses and ‘piictures’, metaphors of what it’s really like, though only as much as we can understand and that which we can relate to. That’s why most people’s ‘pictures’ are different to others, but oh so relevant to them, as each glimpses, perhaps, a different part of that Ultimate Reality. Many, many thanks for sharing that. Many blessings, Tadhg.


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