TableTalk Invite About Life, The Universe & Everything: 15 May 2020: Live Streaming


Here’s your opportunity to pull up a chair, grab a coffee and indulge in Table Talk – the kind of chat we all like after a good meal, as we relax and stretch out, and spend time in good company. You are invited, you can participate.

In the comfort of your own home you can listen, comment, or even email questions to Tadhg about life’s big issues, as he does a live-stream broadcast on FaceBook, this Friday evening.

 what is liminality, and why is it useful?  Where is the soul? what’s the difference between a dragon and a wyvern? what makes good ritual? what’s the difference between ritual and ceremony? what is life’s purpose? what’s a latter-day celt/druid look like? who am I? What is a ‘thin place’?  Is the Universe alive? What’s the difference between the imagination and the imaginal?

You can participate by viewing, but if you want to email a question before Friday, please do so. His email is:  If you need a topic prompt, do check out his blog (here) to get an idea of things he’s covered in the past, and especially check (here) to read printed versions of ‘physical’ table talks in the past)

Now, the broadcast will take place on Tadhg’s Facebook page.

If you check that page (see below) and see only a brief outline and no previous recorded broadcasts then you will need to ‘friend’ him from that page to view the broadcast, he will accept and then you’re ready to view and participate this Friday. If you can see previous recorded broadcasts on that page then you’re already a friend and are ready to go! Do check here. Any ‘challenges’ please email Tadhg, and he’ll do his best to assist.

The live broadcast will be at 7.30pm (UK Time), Friday, 15 May 2020 on FaceBook, and will be recorded if you can’t make it at that time.

I look forward to seeing you there. Blessings, Tadhg


2 thoughts on “TableTalk Invite About Life, The Universe & Everything: 15 May 2020: Live Streaming

  1. Firstly a big hello from worcestershire england.i am a non dualistic solitarian druid in my 17th year of my path.Do you have any guidlines on how the skills and working connection with the universe and nature are best implemented to make income especially for charitable causes.Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.I enjoy your insight and blogs and much like myself i use bible wisdom quotes and quotations from people to best express druidic mindset and approach to knowledge being as though as druid we have no written guide.I enjoy the freedom druidry brings and how it compliments any religion or academic or scholastic topics,all falls into place as one weaves antiquity with modernity to stay in the now. My clairvoyance has excelled by using very limited data or percieving through probables.Thanks for taking time to read my post and i hope to hear from you be light sent. w.burns


    • Many thanks for reading the article and for commenting, Warren. Greatly appreciated. Like you, I very much move out of the confines of one throughrtstream, and look for the truth wherever it is. As regards, income? That’s a tough one especially during lockdown, although with your clairvoyance skills there might be an interest what with more people at home and able to make/take video calls etc. Do keep in touch. Blessings, Tadhg.


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