June’s Full Moon: Data And Haiku

Here is the full moon, today, for 24th June 2021. And, here’s a haiku poem (or more, and a suggestion that you might to send a haiku to me, for fun)) for it, and a list of the ways others call different names of the June’s name for the moon.

June’s Full Moon: Poem: Haiku

As moon rises, and
bees collect mead from the sun
It enriches us.

The moon is here, now,
and summer lightens oak trees.
Wisdom brightens us.

Fairies and elementals
love the summer’s moon.

The moon and the wind,
as horses canter at night,
as the height of June.

The moon’s light is seen,
a lotus blossom rises.
Peace the world, tonight.

Moon’s Names For June

  • Medieval view: Mead Moon
  • Ogham Moon: Oak Tree Moon
  • Faery Moon: Wild Cherry Moon by Franke Rogers by ‘Tree Fairies’
  • Celtic people: Moon of Horses
  • Chinese people: Lotus Moon
  • Native American people: Strawberry Moon
  • Wiccan people: Dryad Moon 
  • Buddhist people : Poson Poya
  • Southern Hemisphere people: Oak Moon, Cold Moon, Long Night’s Moon


Blessing you and those whom you love, including animals, on this day of the full moon. Tadhg

8 thoughts on “June’s Full Moon: Data And Haiku

  1. Hi Tadhg, I enjoyed seeing all the names for the June full moon and the haikus, too. It was a lovely Strawberry Moon here last night, it even had a pinkish cast to it, though I know it is called Strawberry because of the time of year. I actually got my first basket this past week. Blessings to you and yours, and have a lovely English summer! ❤

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    • I’m pleased you enjoyed the different moon names, and that the moon was strawberry or pink last night for you.. Many blessings to you and others, Tadhg.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing these things. I really value your blog.

    As you suggested I had a go at a Haiku (although I’ve not written one before so I hope I followed the right form.)

    Title: Of resting in the forest…

    I sit inside her,
    Nature’s heart sings around me,
    Deep peace, quiet earth.

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