Creiddylad from Moon’s Poem: Poem, Liturgy Etc

A poem or liturgy etc for the July Full moon on 24 July 2021.

The sky is dark,
the stars are bright,
and the elements and angels call us,
in all humanity, in all humanity.

The full moon,
as Creiddylad* from Wales,
is the daughter of Flowers and Love,
as golden glowing and moon-flows more.

The clouds are high,
or even seen invisibly,
as Jericho makes the moon.
as Hebrew sees one
clear as wonderful.

(*Creiddylad she sounds as pronounced by cree-THIL-ahd).
Tadhg Jonathan © Copyright 2021 poem

8 thoughts on “Creiddylad from Moon’s Poem: Poem, Liturgy Etc

  1. This was lovely – thank you!

    Sometimes when I sit and watch the moon I feel this strong sense of kinship like I am part of this huge family. I feel the same about the rest of nature but especially about those parts of the natural world I see and come into contact with every day, like the large stand of oaks at the end of our road which is populated by a family of crows. The crows all have their own personalities and they fight like mad when bad weather is coming and the seagulls fly in from the coast.

    As a druid do you also have this kinship with the natural world? Also, may I ask, do you have a blog post the explains what it means to be a celtic druid?

    I hope you don’t mind my questions. Many thanks!

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    • Yes, I agree that we are all part of this kinship as regards of spiritual, the nature and the moon etc. Aha you mentioned crows, and I love them. It reminded that a few years ago about books on crows then – and I definitely suggest the book called: Crow Planet: Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness by Lyanda Lynn Haupt.

      Oh yes, being part of it is being part of being a Druid. One books for Celtic and Druid is: The Celtic Wheel Of The Year by Tess Ward.

      Oh please ask more LOL. Many thanks, bless you.


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