Yes, Encountering The Òran Mór: Reviewed

Have you ever sat a profound sound and its affected you? Has is closed our eyes? Has it affected you your words?

Perhaps, you know it is the Òran Mór?

It is by many ancient Scottish people, and by very much by the the Welsh and by of the local islands, here, too.

Some call this as the word or the Word of the creation reaction, or some called it a music, whilst others of a Celtic or Druidic persuasion call it.

Yes, the Òran Mór, is pronounced as ‘orr-ran mor’ or as ‘oh-rahn mohr’. The words differ, but the wonderfully W deep meaning persists. Òran Mór, the Great Song or Great Music, song of the universe, was (and is) the continual love song of the Source of All.

‘…while the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy’. Job 38.7 The Book

If each of us vibrates into that mindful and spirituality (in all part of the Celtic, Druid, Christian and other faithful music and words),  is ‘dancing’ us in energetic, as in the to the music of the Òran Mór.

If interested, I would encourage to you see my article called the ‘Encountering The Òran Mór’, from February of 2018 – linked 


Encountering The Òran Mór

Bless you.

2 thoughts on “Yes, Encountering The Òran Mór: Reviewed

  1. The linked article I read and was fascinated! Alas, never experienced this, but now I will try even more so. I’ve tried to find the deeper meaning in music and felt a presence in the land – but this! This seems to have been my goal for years without me knowing it. Thanks for putting it into word, for bringing it to consciousness.

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